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Older vehicles with grease fittings should follow the manufacturers recommendation for chassis lubrication thereby helping to avoid costly replacement. Most newer vehicles do not have grease fittings for chassis lubrication. For these vehicles parts must be replaced when a problem develops.

Your oil should be changed at least as often as recommended by the manufacturer. Automobile manufacturers today recommend up to 7,500 miles between oil changes for normal service with decreased intervals for severe service. Highway driving qualifies as normal service; stop and go driving is considered severe service. Most cars are used primarily for short trip stop and go driving and we recommend changing oil every 3,000 miles.

The oil filter removes contaminants from the engine oil and protects the engine from wear. Some car manufacturers recommend changing the oil filter every other oil change; we recommend that the filter be replaced at every oil change.

Different makes of cars have different requirements for oil and filter; we have the right fit for your whether it is a Cadillac or a Jeep.

30-60-90 K Maintenance

Automobile manufacturers recommend that major service be performed at specified intervals. Follow these recommendations, especially for those cars that recommend replacement of the timing belt at a prescribed interval. On certain vehicles, timing belt failure can cause catastrophic engine failure requiring engine replacement. This includes all engines made by Honda and Nissan

Tire Rotation

Have your tires rotated according to the manufacturers requirements to insure even wear and maximum life of your tires.

Windshield Wipers

In Arizona we don’t think about our windshield wipers until we need them. Have them checked regularly to be sure that they work the way they should.

Washer Service

Windshield washer fluid is another thing that we don’t think about until we need it. Your windshield washer fluid level should be checked when you check your wiper blades.

Tire Pressure

Under inflated tires will cause decreased gas mileage, both over and under inflated tires will cause improper tire wear. For the maximum life from your tires, we make sure that they are inflated in accordance with your car manufacturer’s instructions.

Fluid Checks

We will check your engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and engine coolant levels to insur that you have no surprises on the road. The appearance of the fluid can also be an indicator that something is wrong.

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