If you have AAA, you’ve probably already experienced the benefits of their highly recognized roadside assistance. When it comes to earning the designation of AAA Auto Repair Shop, you can bet the company doesn’t give it lightly.

In 1975, AAA developed its Approved Auto Repair program to make sure its members receive reliable, superior quality auto repairs. Due to its success, the program went nationwide as the “Emergency Road Service (ERS).”

Today the Approved Auto Repair program is one of the most appreciated benefits of AAA membership. The largest independently inspected and approved network of auto repair shops in North America, AAA has over 7,000 participating facilities (look for the AAA logo on the door). These repair shops also provide additional benefits, including saving money, to AAA members complimentary safety inspection for automobile owners who have repairs or maintenance performed.

How Shops get AAA Repair Approved

The AAA Approved Auto Repair program was established to deal with one of the top consumer complaints in the United States – unsatisfactory auto repairs. The program accomplishes this by providing consumers with approved auto repair shops that fulfill and sustain their high standards.

Just a small percentage of auto repair facilities meet AAA’s requirements. It’s an approval process that calls for honesty and transparency. AAA auto repair facilities are also required to sign an agreement to provide dependable, superior quality service that complies with industry standards. The repairs are performed by manufacturer-certified or ASE certified technicians. In addition, the facilities need to meet AAA’s standards for fair pricing, timely repairs, and cleanliness. Hi-tech was the first certified Green Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

More About ASE Certified Technicians

With ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians, you can depend on superior repair services. Because ASE certified technicians are required to have a specified level of training and experience in auto repair, they have a higher level of dedication and professionalism and will go the extra step to achieve customer satisfaction.

Why Repair is Critical

Because of AAA’s long history and excellent reputation, earning the AAA approved auto repair designation says a lot about the shop and the level of satisfaction you’ll receive. To be approved, the repair shop is required to meet AAA’s rigid requirements in customer satisfaction, equipment, and technician training. Hi-tech was the first certified Green Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

Find a AAA Auto Repair Shop

Choosing a AAA approved auto repair shop will lead to many more miles of economical, trouble-free vehicle ownership, and extend the life of your vehicle. One way to find a AAA approved auto repair shop is to click here.

But, you can skip the locator and come directly to us. We’re ready to service your vehicle now.

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