Quality Auto Repair Service and Maintenance since 1948

Garnard Family Photo - Automotive Excellence

What’s in a Name?

In 1948 Otis Garnand opened APCO auto parts shop on the far outskirts of downtown Phoenix. His son James ‘Otis’ Garnand took over 36 years later and APCO became APCO Hi Tech Car Care. Now with the third generation in charge – Jim Garnand, its location on 2924 East Thomas Road is no longer on the far outskirts of Phoenix. What has never changed at Hi Tech Auto Repair is the high quality, dedicated customer service – customer service that sets it apart from other car repair shops.

We believe that Hi-Tech serves two customers – our employees and our auto repair customers, and treating both well has helped us offer friendly, accommodating customer service as well as one-shop auto repair and maintenance. We hire employees that are better than we are. That way we continue to grow in the right direction. Improving our technical knowledge of auto repair and continually raising the standards for customer service keep our customers and us happy.

When Grandfather Otis first opened his shop, he knew that customer service would set him apart from others in the car repair business. Car repair or maintenance disrupts the daily routine of our customers, so we try to make the disruption as painless as possible. From chauffeuring our customers or helping them rent a vehicle to test driving a vehicle, not once but twice before releasing it, each of our seven employees is assigned a task that eases the inconvenience of auto repair.

We believe that busy, responsible people need a dependable vehicle, so at Hi-Tech, we anticipate potential auto repairs. We want moms, sons, daughters and fathers – actually, all of our customers – to feel their cars have been tended to diligently and proactively. We’ll remind you of your car’s immediate maintenance needs, and we’ll always give you options to choose from when making a decision about the cost of car repairs.

Our Community

As a family, we believe that earning a living in a community also means giving back to it. The Valley residents have supported our auto repair business with loyal patronage over the past 60 years, and we want to give our thanks to the community.

We have served on the Boards of the best organizations in Phoenix: St. Mary’s Food Bank, Automotive Wholesalers of Arizona, and the Better Business Bureau. We also support the fund-raising events of the American Cancer Society, Goodwill, the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Walk/Run, Memorial Presbyterian Church, Mountain View Church, Sisters of the Divine Savior, Packages from Home, Helping Hands for Single Moms, Toys for Tots, and the 100Club. Local schools and churches near our shop have also used our facilities for fund-raising events.

We are the first certifiedย Green Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mission Statement

We strive to be fundamentally innovative, morally compelling and philosophically positive. We are an ASE Blue seal facilityย  and the 1st certified Green Business in Phoenix. We are trained and equipped to repair and maintain customers’ vehicles and assist our customers with managing their vehicle expenses.