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According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration only one quarter of traffic occurs at night, while nearly half of all fatalities occur during hours of darkness. Properly functioning headlights are critical to seeing at night. Your automobile headlights should be inspected often. In addition to the bulbs burning out, the plastic lenses can become cloudy or damaged. The most commonly used type of headlight is the incandescent, which is also the oldest. Also available are krypton and argon filled headlights, which are also incandescent but last up to fifty percent longer. The latest development is high intensity discharge (hid) or xenon headlights. Instead of using a filament, hid headlights ignite the xenon gas which they contain. Xenon headlights are brighter than incandescents, but are not a direct replacement.

Tail Lights

There are a variety of lights on the back of your car, these include the taillights. turn signals, back up lights, brake lights and the third brake light. All of these lights contain incandescent bulbs which can (and eventually will) fail. These lights should all be inspected often for proper functioning. Special attention should be paid to the taillights and brake lights, since their failure can lead to a ticket and at worst an accident.

Window Lifts

Car windows come in two types; manually cranked windows and power windows. Manual windows are much more reliable, they rarely fail. Power windows are much easier to operate and much safer to operate when you are driving. Power windows can also come with a number of enhancements, including sensors which sense that something is blocking the window and return it to the open position. Another enhancement overcomes the often stated objection that you can’t operate the windows with the ignition off. No matter what kind of windows you have, Hi-Tech Car Care can repair the mechanism if it breaks.

Door Locks

There are a number of possible ways to lock or unlock your car door. There are the old standbys; using a key or depressing or pulling up on a knob on the top of the window sill. Newer and more convenient methods include: a button inside the car, a combination lock on the outside of the door and a keyless entry remote controller. The button, combination lock and remote controller operate an actuator which locks or unlocks the door where the knob and key operate directly on the latch. Aside from that the mechanisms are very similar. If you are having trouble with your door locks, bring your car to Hi-Tech Car Care and we will solve your problem.

Backup Camera

New vehicles are putting backup cameras to handle the blind spot to the rear when backing up. Many luxury cars and SUVs already have these cameras. The Chevrolet Equinox is an example of a higher vehicle that has a blind spot in the rear. When the vehicle is put in reverse, a view to the rear appears in the rear view mirror. The camera is mounted on the back bumper helping to view the lower spots of the car. This has the potential to save the life of many small children.


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