Towing Your Boat to Apache Lake This Weekend?


Check Your Vehicle’s Transmission

Are you taking your boat up to Lake Pleasant this weekend? Or maybe you prefer Canyon or even Apache Lake.

This means a day at the lake packing plenty of snacks for the hungry water skiers. While you are looking after the needs of the fun seekers, don’ t forget the needs of the vehicle you are going to use to tow your boat to the lake.

The drive to the lake could mean hilly dirt roads and maybe some traffic. It may not be too hot yet but sitting in traffic and towing all that weight generates heat in your vehicle. Do you have your vehicle maintenance up to date? Now is the time to check.

You are not only going to put extra strain on your brakes and engine but also on your transmission. Going up hill and lugging that extra weight means using the lower gears. You want to make sure your transmission has enough fluid to keep the temperature from going too high. If it is low it will put extra stress with towing that extra few thousand pounds behind you. Towing a heavy load with low or dirty fluid can clog up the internal passages causing difficulty in shifting to other gears.

This is a good time to call us at Hi-Tech Car Care to check your transmission; whether it is manual or automatic. You want to make sure your trip is trouble free and that your vehicle runs efficiently. Neglecting your transmission can mean a very high repair bill that you can avoid with a service visit. You want to enjoy your trip and have your vehicle do the job you want. Call us and we will make sure it is running at its peak to take you from Phoenix to the lake this weekend.