12 checks to make before you take a road trip
this summer from Phoenix, AZ


  1. Check your tires for wear and that they have the proper air pressure.
  2. Check for vibrations in the wheels to determine if they need to be balanced or aligned.
  3. Have an oil change and make sure all fluids are topped off. If you have over 75,000 miles on the car consider a high milieage formulation to clear sludge.
  4. Check the PCV valve.
  5. Replace air filter if needed.
  6. Check transmission.
  7. Check brakes.
  8. Check the windshield wiper blades. They dry out in Phoenix and often neglect them until rains.
  9. Check the windshield wiper fluid. Keeps the windshield from bug attacks.
  10. Check hoses and belts for cracking. The dry-hot air in Phoenix, Arizona causes cracking and splitting to rubber and plastics.
  11. Check the coolant system.
  12. Check Owner’s manual to see if your vehicle is due for a preventive maintenance.

Bring your vehicle in to us at Garnard’s Hi-Tech Car Care. We will make sure your car is ready to take that long trip to get you there and back.

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 by Anonymous

This was a handy little list before I just went on my trip to Flagstaff. Thank you!