nitrofill12If you fill your tires at Hi-Tech Car Care and register for the NitroFill Auto Club you are covered if your tires go flat, fail due to roadside road hazard or are damaged on the highway for up to $200. Not to mention how much better your tires will wear and the better gas mileage you get.

Under inflation causes increased tire wear and decreases fuel economy. Properly inflated tires are also safer; they run cooler, braking is improved, steering is improved, handling is improved and the chance of tire failure is reduced. Replacing the air in your tires with nitrogen can provide up to a 10% improvement in fuel economy and up to a 30% increase in tire life and provide greater safety on the road for you and your family. Replacing the air in your tires with nitrogen provides these advantages by eliminating the oxygen in air. Oxygen molecules are smaller than nitrogen molecules and leak out 3 to 4 times faster. When filled with nitrogen, the tires on your car will maintain proper tire inflation pressure much longer. Another advantage of replacing oxygen with nitrogen is that interior corrosion of the wheel is reduced and tire deterioration due to oxidation is reduced. Hi-Tech Car Care uses NitroFill nitrogen generating equipment to provide the highest purity nitrogen available at reasonable prices.

Free Membership

Purchase of NitroFill service may entitle you to a one year free membership in the NitroFill Auto Club or the NitroFill Customer Care Club.

The following costs are covered:

  • 24 hour emergency towing service
  • 24 hour emergency road service
  • 24 hour emergency battery service
  • 24 hour emergency delivery of gas, oil, water or other necessary supplies
  • Tire repair and replacement of your NitroFill filled tires in the event of a flat or tire failure due to a road hazard
  • Wheel repair or damage due to a road hazard
  • Lost key or lockout service

And don’t forget the most neglected tire in your car: the spare.

This is not a complete list of covered services and/or exclusions. For a detailed brochure contact us at Hi-Tech Car Care.