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Fuel system problems can be indicated by: rough idle, missing, running rough, exhaust smoke, poor performance, poor fuel economy, sputtering at high speeds or not starting at all. At Hi-Tech Car Care we have the equipment to access the trouble codes from your car’s computer and to diagnose problems with each fuel system component.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injectors are small electrically operated valves. They can become clogged or stuck open. Indications of fuel injector problems are: rough idle, missing, running rough, exhaust smoke, poor performance or poor fuel economy.

Fuel Pumps

Modern automobiles have the fuel pump in the gas tank. This arrangement avoids the vapor lock that sometimes afflicted older cars. If a problem with the fuel pump is suspected, the fuel pump relay should be investigated first. If the fuel pump is faulty, it will have to be replaced, which involves removal of the fuel tank.

Fuel Filters

Many fuel system problems can be traced to a clogged fuel filter. Symptoms of a clogged filter are sputtering at high speed or not starting at sll. If the fuel filter is not functioning properly, it can let dirt particles through, which can lodge in the fuel injectors and cause them to stick open. The fuel filter should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation; usually every 30,000 miles.

Fuel System Flush

If you have contaminants in your fuel you may need a fuel system flush. The best way to avoid this problem is to buy your fuel from a service station that you trust.

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Hi-Tech is exactly as its name says-a hi tech car repair shop! This shop is fantastic and completely reliable. You do not have to worry that they are adding unnecessary charges...

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When we walked in we were immediately professionally greeted with bottled water and sodas. Very friendly!!! We had an appt. with Jim and he was so courteous and helpful! Because...

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