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Car, Truck and SUV Alignments

Wheel Alignment Services in Phoenix ArizonaDriving with an incorrect alignment costs you money every day. Not only does flawed alignment decrease gas mileage and tire life, but it also adds unnecessary stress to your vehicle’s steering equipment and structure. Our shop has top of the line Hunter alignment equipment and top quality technicians. We also offer a full range.

Alignment Services in Phoenix Arizona

Front and Rear Wheel Alignment
Camber Adjustment
Castor Adjustment
Toe Adjustment
Shock Absorber and Spring Replacement, Adjustment and Repair

Reasons to do an Alignment

Pull Left or Right when you let go of the steering wheel
Abnormal tire wear
Drift over time
Feels like your driving a boat

Alignment Angle Types:

caster alignment in PhoenixCaster: A faulty caster angle causes loose or difficult steering. Caster is a nutshell, describes the steering pivot angle and is a non-tire wearing angle. It is responsible for the overall feel of the steering and vehicle stability at highway speeds.

Camber alignment in Phoenix, ArizonaCamber: Camber is the angle of the wheel in relation to a vertical direction (seen from the front or rear of the car). An ideal camber angle assures optimal tire efficiency, proper steering control, and helps prevent rolling.

toe alignment in Phoenix, ArizonaToe: Like camber and caster, toe is measured by degrees. When your front or rear wheels have front edges pointed toward each other, the pair is called “toe-ins.” If the front edges point away from each other, the pair is called “toe-outs.”

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Hi-Tech is exactly as its name says-a hi tech car repair shop! This shop is fantastic and completely reliable. You do not have to worry that they are adding unnecessary charges...

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When we walked in we were immediately professionally greeted with bottled water and sodas. Very friendly!!! We had an appt. with Jim and he was so courteous and helpful! Because...

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