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Regular Maintenance is Imperative for Beating Hot Phoenix Summers

Your vehicle can register a temperature of 4,500 degrees if the cooling system isn’t effective. The water pump forces the coolant through the passages of the engine block to absorb the excess heat. The water pump is powered by belts that need replacement so they don’t break. If the belts break the pump will stop, the engine will overheat and the engine will seize. You now have the expense of replacing the engine.The freeze plug is another part we don’t think about with the cooling system. It expands and contracts with the temperature and protects the engine block from cracking.

The thermostat regulates the flow of the coolant based on the temperature of the vehicle. This prevents the vehicle from extremes. This is especially important in cold weather. Something we don’t see very often in Phoenix. At least we don’t see extreme cold weather.

There are two tanks that hold your coolant and in Phoenix we need to make sure we have enough coolant in our vehicles. The first tank is at the top of the radiator and the second tank is an overflow tank. When the coolant expands, it goes into the overflow tank. It helps to regulate the flow of the coolant. It is good to keep the proper level in this tank.

Then there is the radiator cap. This is never touched. It is on the tank at the top of the radiator. When adding coolant, it is added to the overflow tank. The radiator cap is a pressure cap. If the vehicle overheats, the cap releases excess pressure.

The cooling system has a fan to make sure that air moves through the radiator when the car is not moving. On some cars this fan is powered by belts. This system also has hoses. Here in Arizona rubber dries out. Replacing hoses and belts can help keep your cooling system healthy. It is also good to check the type of coolant your vehicle requires. Check your manual or bring it to us at Hi-Tech Car Care to get you ready for your summer travel in Phoenix.

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came here for my 2010 Honda Accord for my water pumps. Every store before here said it will cost me 1500$ while they fixed it for so much cheaper. Thank you !