Car, Truck and SUV Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix

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Car, Truck and SUV Air Conditioning Service

At Hi-Tech Car Care we have the equipment and expertise to perform a full system diagnosis, locate, and repair any problems you might be having with your car’s comfort systems. We will check the system for leaks and check for proper operation of the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and receiver/dryer.

Car air-conditioning issues, image of A/C dial

Car, Truck and SUV Air Conditioning Service

Servicing your car’s air conditioner can take one of two forms: 1. topping off the existing freon, or 2. removing the freon from the system, removing any impurities and returning it to your system with freon added to make up the required amount. Normally topping off is all that is required unless parts have been removed to perform repairs.

Car Air Conditioning and Comfort System Repair in Phoenix

We have the equipment required by the EPA for freon recovery should your air conditioner need repair. Our technicians are experienced and meet the requirements to use this equipment. If necessary we will repair leaks and replace any defective or malfunctioning components.

Often, these issues can coincide with other engine performance issues. Consider looking into our engine performance upgrades and tuning services to ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

Heating/Heater Core

Heat for comfort heating is extracted from the coolant used to cool your vehicle. Hot water is circulated through the heater core, similar to a car radiator but much smaller. Heating problems can often be due to a plugged heater core, but can also be due to low coolant or a defective cooling system thermostat.

Having an engine cooling system issue? Hi-Tech Car Care is here to assist in any engine cooling systems problems you may be having.


The blower is located in the passenger compartment underneath the dashboard. It blows air through the evaporator if cooling is called upon, and through the heater core if heating is needed. If it fails we can replace it.

Car, SUV and Truck Climate Controls

The climate controls are located on the dashboard and allow you to decide whether you want heating or cooling. There is generally a dial to make more in depth changes such as the blowing power and how hot or cold the air should be. In most cars the controls consist of electrical circuits and mechanical linkages. Some cars however substitute pneumatic circuits for the electrical ones. In any case; we will find your problem, correct it, and have you driving in comfort once again!

We stand behind our work and offer warranties on most parts (over 90%) and service for 3 years or 36,000 miles.

For more information regarding our Auto Repair Service including Comfort Systems visit our Auto Repair Services Page

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Hi-Tech Car Care, Phoenix, Arizona
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 by Anonymous

AC in my Toyota Tundra went out and you cannot live in Phoenix, Arizona without air conditioning during the summer. Hi-Tech Car Care repaired the compressor pump and blower fans so that I wouldn't die from heat stroke. My air conditioning system has been running perfectly ever since!

 by Anonymous

When your AC stops working in the car, it can be hell in Phoenix. I had my AC pump go out in my Toyota and called Hi-tech immediately. They had me on the road again in a few days and I no longer had to bring extra clothes in my car to change into once I got to the office! Thanks again Jim and Justin!