Transmission Repair and Replacement in Phoenix, Arizona
Most automobile manufacturers recommend inspecting transmission fluid every 12 to 15 thousand miles and replacing transmission fluid and filter every 60 to 100 thousand miles. If transmission fluid is dirty or smells burned, immediately have the transmission flushed and the fluid & filter replaced.

Leaks Diagnosed

If a transmission is losing fluid and there are no apparent leaks; you could have a leak that is only apparent when the transmission is operating (under pressure). Often the only sign of a leaking rear seal is an oily bumper. Whether the leak is plainly visible or not, bring your car to us and we will find the problem and repair it.

Transmission Replacement

If an automatic transmission is slipping or it over heats or makes unusual noises or the transmission fluid smells burned, it may need to be replaced. Bring your car to us ; we will diagnose the problem, repair it if it can be repaired and replace it if necessary.

Clutch Repair

If the clutch on your manual transmission car is slipping, bring it to Hi-Tech Car Care and we will replace it for you. A slipping clutch is most evident under load ie: going up a hill. When you have your clutch replaced t is also recommended that you replace the throwout bearing and pilot bushing.

CV Joints/Boots/Axles

If you hear a popping or clicking noise coming from the front of your car when you make a turn it is likely a bad constant velocity joint and it will need to be replaced. You can avoid most problems with your constant velocity joints with regular inspections. If the boot which covers the constant velocity joint becomes damaged or cracked the grease which lubricates the joint will be slung out by centrifugal force and foreign matter will get in. The result ius a damaged joint.

Differential Service

Your car’s differential allows the wheels being driven by the engine to rotate at different speeds when turning a corner. The fluid in your differential should be replaced at 50 to 100 thousand miles depending on severity of service.