Winterize Car Service
January 2, 2019

Winterize Car Service and Tips to Do It Yourself

While the “Valley of the Sun” doesn’t have the most formidable cold weather, it’s still…
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oil change
December 19, 2018

Oil Change – 5 Frequently Asked Questions Before You Head Out the Door

From brake services to tire rotations, to an oil change, vehicles need regular maintenance to…
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winter car maintenance checklist
December 5, 2018

Winter Car Maintenance Checklist – 10 Boxes to Check Off

While Arizona doesn't have a reputation for harsh winters, it's still important to prepare your vehicles for the…
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road trip car games
November 21, 2018

7 Road Trip Car Games You Can Play with Adults and Kids

The holidays are fast approaching, and you're packing the bags for a long road trip.…
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Foreign auto repair
November 7, 2018

Foreign Auto Repair – 5 Things to Know When You Get Your Car Repaired

When you own a foreign built vehicle, you are aware that one of the major…
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car safety
car safety
September 19, 2018

Car Safety Tips for Kids – 8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Car

Most of us live busy, hurried lives, and our vehicles help make it all happen…
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car seat safety
car safety
September 5, 2018

Car Seat Safety – What Phoenix, Arizona Residents Should Know

Child Passenger Safety Week is this month and it's the perfect reminder of how critical…
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Auto Electrical Service
Car ProblemsMaintenance
August 15, 2018

Auto Electrical Service is Nothing to Get Shocked Over

Your vehicle's electrical system is as important as the engine itself. Without properly functioning electronics,…
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