Hi-Tech Car Care is the first certified green auto shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

Green Auto Shop

The Arizona Green Business program seeks to recognize those businesses that, through pollution prevention and resource conservation measures that exceed statutory requirements, contribute to a cleaner, more livable community and envirnoment.



Pollution Prevention Schedule & Maintenance

  1. Punch oil filters Friday PM, drain over weekend, and crush Monday.
  2. When a spill occurs, use ≤3 rags for minor spills and mop residue using stage one mop water.
  3. Large Spill: use squeegee to gather spill, collected with dust pan and recycle or dispose of in the proper waste containment.
  4. General cleaning: trash emptied every morning and afternoon, office floors dry mopped daily, bathrooms cleaned and sanitized daily, work bays swept everyday and spill residual mopped up, outside area swept with sweeper, windows cleaned Monday evening. All mop buckets emptied daily into sink drain. Mops, buckets and wringers are cleaned and inspected Monday afternoon.
  5. Prior to and following bulk transfer containment, areas are inspected for leaks, spill, and emissions.
  6. Inventory areas are inspected by facility employees and vendor delivery personnel for potential overstocking and accidents. Aisle space and lighting is maintained.
  7. Purchasing is done on the just in time theory and product is used on the first in first out policy.
  8. When practical, purchase bulk material and use dispensers.
  9. All vendors must agree in writing to remove excess or expired stock.
  10. Drip pans must be used at all times on every job to collect leaking fluids.
  11. Drum funnels are to be used on drums to control spills.
  12. When repairing, installing new equipment always update to the most energy efficient state of the art replacement.
  13. Air compressor is checked daily by service technician: tank is drained of water, air filters and oil checked. Verified routinely by the shop foreman.
  14. Monthly and quarterly maintenance of HVAC and evaporative coolers performed by service technician with biannual service by CMI-AIR.
  15. Computers and Fax machines are set to energy conservation and computers are shut off every evening.
  16. Thermostats are set to <68 degrees in winter and >78 degrees in summer.
  17. Landscaping irrigation controlled to minimize water usage.
  18. Car washing performed at commercial car washes to be done off site.
  19. All employees must follow the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  20. Employees are encouraged to think of economizing ideas and pollution prevention at all times.

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