Keeping Your Car Forever, Or Getting All You Can Out of It

Save money: keep a car longer

My nephew has close to 300,000 miles on his 1997, Toyota Tacoma. He bought it when there was 50,000 miles on it. He has taken it to Hi-Tech Car Care since he purchased it. He changes his own oil every other time it is due. The other time he takes it to Hi-Tech. Hi-Tech has always told him when something needs repair and he responds. He hasn’t needed to replace the engine or transmission until recently. The transmission was beginning to fail and he had to decide whether investing in a new transmission is smart or whether he should invest that money into another newer vehicle. He decided that he would have to take out a loan for another vehicle. He hasn’t had a car payment in 5 years.

franktruckContacting a trusted automotive company with your questions and concerns is a great place to start.

It was most cost effective to have the transmission replaced. Hi-Tech Car Care did an inspection that determined his engine was still in good shape and any of the other parts in the car that had been replaced at Hi-Tech Car Care had a warranty on them. So he decided that he can keep driving his vehicle for a few more years and keep saving for his next one.

oldcarsIf you think buying a car from grandma is good when she never drives it, think again. A car gets stiff too. A vehicle needs exercise. The parts dry out and can cause many problems if not driven. That is also why Frank’s mechanic knows Frank should be fine. His auto has been properly maintained. In the interview Jim also mentions that one of his customers has over a million miles on his Volvo.According to the article on AZCentral, a new survey from AutoMD, a free on-line Auto Repair Service, says 69% planned to drive their car over 100,000 miles. 56% said they would just keep theirs until it died. According to Jim if the car repairs are costing more than payments it is time to investigate whether it is worth keeping. Taking care of a vehicle all along is very important. Getting to know your mechanic and having it checked periodically is good.

Again, please contact Hi-Tech Car Care with any questions or concerns about your vehicle. We are always here for you and want to make sure everyone is well informed and safe while driving on the road.