What’s in a name?

Hello Technician
High Technology
Hi-Tech Car Care
Our registered Trade Name.
APCO Hi-Tech Car Care


Auto Parts Company – Otis Garnand opened the first Auto Parts Store, until then parts had been obtained at Dealer/Gas Stations. Wholesale to the public – selling parts to service facilities and individuals at a fair price. APCO became the registered trade name because Auto Parts Company became generic. Garnand’s Hi-Tech Car Care The Garnand family has been serving the valley since 1948. Some people still say they are going to Garnand’s. Otis Garnand’s APCO Hi-Tech Car Care Otis’s son Otis shared his birthday, but not really the name. James Otis Garnand grew up being called little OT. He was “forced” to use his middle name, and today goes by PAPA OT. James Gordon Garnand currently owns Hi-Tech, and despite the spelling the name is pronounced “Jim” – go figure. Hi-Tech open in 1984 to provide premier automotive repair & treat your car like our own.

Taking Care of YOU and your VEHICLE

Today Hi-Tech makes every effort to customize the service to you and your vehicle. Almost every vehicle sold today is capable of dependable service beyond 10 years or 250,000 miles. At Hi-Tech Car Care we strive to inform you of everything it will take to keep your vehicle like new and running for that long. We will help you manage your vehicle by explaining the importance, features and benefits of any service. We promise you will know what services are Needed vs Recommended or perhaps Non Essential.

We service and maintain your vehicle and treat it as we would our mom’s. Why not like our own? Because like cobblers shoes we don’t often get to attend to our own, besides every day our vehicle goes to the shop. Why not like our wife’s or child’s? Because we are prone to ignore budget on these vehicles. Mom’s car is in every 3 months or 3,000 miles. There is not $1 invested, which does not serve to keep her in control of the vehicle. (both function and fiscal, mom will never have to buy a new car.)

Today most everyone knows us as Hi-Tech;
you may call us anything – just call us. We are here for you.