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We Service BMW with Certified BMW Technicians

Best BMW Repair shop in Phoenix, ArizonaDo you own a BMW? Do you love the ultimate driving experience? Hi-Tech Car Care is your premiere BMW repair shop if you live in the Phoenix Metro. Hi-Tech Car Care has extensive knowledge of the BMW models like the 2 series, 3 series,  4 Series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, i3, M3, M5, M6, and all other models. If you live in Phoenix or a surrounding city (Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa or Phoenix) and are looking to service your BMW bring it by Hi-Tech Car Care for a service today.

Let Hi-Tech Car Care help you with:

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Are you looking for a well-respected, honest, Master ASE Certified BMW auto repair shop in Phoenix Metro because you aren’t happy with your service from your BMW dealer, current independent auto repair shop, or you’ve recently relocated? Check out our auto repair shop, Hi-Tech Car Care, in Phoenix Metro first! Check out our customer testimonials and determine if we are the right choice for auto repair and service for your BMW vehicle in Phoenix. We offer a nationwide warranty, too. After reading our customer testimonials, determine if we are the right choice for the auto repair and service of your BMW vehicle. Hi-Tech Car Care has been serving the Phoenix Metro Area’s auto repair needs since 1948! We are a full service auto repair shop for BMW, including auto service, auto repair and much more!

The engine oil and oil filter must be changed at least once a year in your BMW.

We at Hi-Tech Car Care recommend changing your engine oil and oil filter every 6 moths or every 4000 miles. This will keep your BMW Car running at its best. For other BMW Repairs please contact us today at (602) 224-0941, or stop by our BMW certified repair shop: 2924 East Thomas Road Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Tire rotation should be performed every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. For other information please view the maintenance schedules below.

BMW Owner’s Manuals

BMW Models We Service

2006-2011 E81 1 series

2003-2007 E87 1 series

2006-2013 E88 1 series

2006-2013 E82 1 series

2010-2015 F20 1 series

2010-2015 F21 1 series

2012-2016 F22 2 series

2014-2016 F87 M2

2014-2016 F23 2 series

2013-2016 F45 2 series Active Tourer

2014-2016 F46 2 series Gran Tourer

1975-1983 E21 3 series

1980-1994 E30 3 series

1989-2000 E36 3 series

1997-2006 E46 3 series

2004-2008 E90 3 series

2004-2008 E91 3 series

2005-2010 E92 3 series

2005-2010 E93 3 series

2011-2016 F30 3 series

2012-2015 F80 M3

2011-2015 F31 3 series

2012-2016 F34 3 series GT

2011-2015 F35 3 series

2012-2016 F32 4 series

2013-2016 F82 M4

2013-2016 F33 4 series

2013-2016 F83 M4

2013-2016 F36 4 series

1972-1981 E12 5 series

1980-1990 E28 5 series

1987-1996 E34 5 series

1995-2003 E39 5 series

2001-2009 E60 5 series

2002-2007 E61 5 series

2008-2013 F07 5 series GT

2009-2016 F10 5 series

2009-2013 F11 5 series

2009-2013 F18 5 series

1975-1989 E24 6 series

2002-2010 E63 6 series

2002-2010 E64 6 series

2011-2015 F06 6 series GC

2009-2015 F12 6 series

2010-2015 F13 6 series

1976-1989 E23 7 series

1985-1994 E32 7 series

1993-2001 E38 7 series

2000-2008 E65 7 series

2000-2008 E66 7 series

2002-2008 E67 7 series

2007-2012 F01 7 series

2007-2012 F02 7 series

2008-2012 F03 7 series

2008-2012 F04 7 series Hybrid

2014-2016 F11 7 series

2014-2016 F12 7 series

1989-1999 E31 8 series

2013-2016 I01 i3

2013-2016 I12 i8

2008-2015 E84 X1

2014-2016 F48 X1

2003-2006 E83 X3

2009-2016 F25 X3

2013-2016 F26 X4

1998-2006 E53 X5

2007-2013 E70 X5

2012-2016 F15 X5

2013-2016 F85 X5 M

2007-2014 E71 X6

2007-2014 E72 X6 Hybrid

2013-2016 F16 X6

2013-2016 F86 X6 M

1994-2002 E36 Z3

2002-2008 E85 Z4

2005-2008 E86 Z4

2008-2016 E86 Z4

1998-2003 E52 Z8

Recent Reviews

by Chad Every on Hi-Tech Car Care

Call with your problem. Ask questions.Get answers. Ask for a professional. These guys just saved me thousands of $$dollars$$. I did not need a new trans just help over the phone...

by Sonja Duckstein on Hi-Tech Car Care

Hi-Tech is exactly as its name says-a hi tech car repair shop! This shop is fantastic and completely reliable. You do not have to worry that they are adding unnecessary charges...

by Amanda V. on Hi-Tech Car Care

When we walked in we were immediately professionally greeted with bottled water and sodas. Very friendly!!! We had an appt. with Jim and he was so courteous and helpful! Because...

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