It doesn’t take a lot to cause a vehicle to need an alignment repair. Several different factors can take a toll on a vehicle’s steering components and suspension system. When that happens, you’ll be able to tell by the obvious wear on your tires, the way the vehicle handles and even how your hands feel on the steering wheel.

  • Vehicle alignment plays a crucial role when it comes to performance, including the following ways.
  • Comfort: wheels that are aligned are significantly safer to drive on, and they make operating the vehicle a lot easier and more enjoyable.
  • Safety: when your wheels aren’t in alignment, it causes the vehicle to pull left or right, compromising the driver’s control and handling.
  • The life of the tires and savings: if a vehicle’s suspension system isn’t in alignment, it causes uneven tire wear which means they won’t last as long. With regular alignment service, however, your tires will last longer which will save you money.

Driving without Alignment Repair Can Be Costly

You’d be surprised how many people put off alignment repair, something that will ultimately end up being costly. What will eventually happen is they’ll end up tossing a lot of money down the drain on tires because, without proper alignment repair, they’ll wear down a lot faster. A faulty alignment also decreases gas mileage and adds unnecessary stress to the vehicle’s steering equipment and framework. These are expenses that can easily be avoided by regularly having the alignment checked out.

What Causes Your Car to Become Misaligned?

As vehicles age, rubber materials begin to crack or lose elasticity and socket and ball joints can end up loosening. They’ll eventually start to give a bit more, gradually getting worse over time. Day to day driving can also cause your car to become misaligned. The most common causes of misalignment are:

  • Potholes
  • Running into the curb
  • Bumping into concrete parking slabs
  • General wear and tear

Signs You Need an Alignment Repair

You can tell if you need an alignment repair if your vehicle is pulling to one side, the front-end shimmies after hitting a bump, the steering wheel doesn’t line up straight anymore, or if your front tires are showing signs of uneven wear. In extreme cases, you could end up having a hard time maintaining control of your vehicle. If you are experiencing any of the signs listed here, you need a vehicle alignment repair performed as soon as possible by certified technicians. Alignments repairs call for sophisticated equipment to comply with the manufacturers’ preferred specifications and to provide an accurate wheel alignment.

If you haven’t noticed any signs that your vehicle needs an alignment, it is recommended that you check the owner’s manual to find out how often the manufacturer suggests having an alignment repair performed. In addition, most alignment repair professionals recommend having an alignment at least once a year, or with every set of new tires.

Alignment Services

As mentioned above, vehicle alignment repair services will improve gas mileage, help your tires last longer and provide a better ride. The following are common alignment services.

  • Castor adjustment
  • Toe adjustment
  • Camber adjustment
  • Front and rear wheel alignment
  • Shock absorber and spring adjustment, replacement and repair

If it has been a while since you’ve had an alignment repair, contact us today. Our ASE certified technicians, using superior quality equipment, will get the job done right.

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