Roadside assistance is something that no one wants to need, but no one can afford to be without. Whether you accidently run out of gas, have a breakdown on the interstate, or need a jump-start, you need to have someone you can call to get help. Typically, roadside assistance services require an expensive annual subscription. However, you can get roadside assistance services for free when you have your car serviced with Hi-Tech Car Care.

Understanding Roadside Assistance Services

Roadside assistance includes a variety of services. Depending on the package, there will be limits on the number of times you can use the service per year. Some of the services typically included are:

  • Towing your disabled car to a repair facility or dealership.
  • Flat Tire Service where a flat tire can be changed and a temporary tire put on in its place.
  • Jump-start and Battery Services that includes testing the battery, jump-starts and battery replacement. Battery replacement may come with an additional charge.
  • Lockout Services when you lock your keys in your car.
  • Fuel Delivery when you accidently run out of gas.


Normally in order to receive these roadside assistance services, you need to purchase a membership. One of the most well-known roadside assistance memberships is AAA. For an annual fee, you get access to roadside assistance services along with travel information and discounts. Other places where you can purchase roadside assistance include your auto insurance company and warehouse stores like Costco.

How to Get Roadside Assistance Services for Free

You can choose to pay for roadside assistance services, but it’s possible to get similar coverage for free. At Hi-Tech Car Care, we make it easy for you to get roadside assistance at any time, day or night, with the To Your Rescue™ program, exclusively for our customers.

It’s simple to qualify for. Any purchase of $25 or more in service from Hi-Tech Car Care automatically gets you 365 days of coverage in the To Your Rescue™ program.

Our To Your Rescue™ Roadside Assistance program offers 24/7 tow-to-safety, lockout services, battery jump-start, emergency fuel delivery and flat tire changing assistance. It provides up to two roadside assistance incidents per vehicle during the coverage period.

If you’ve purchased $25 or more of service from Hi-Tech Car Care and need roadside assistance services, call our toll-free To Your Rescue™ number at 1-866-588-0728. We will schedule a dispatch. You are eligible for reimbursement for covered services up to $75 per incident.

For more information about our free To Your Rescue™ Roadside Assistance program or to schedule service for your vehicle, call Hi-Tech Car Care at 602-224-0941. We’re committed to getting you back on the road safely as quickly as possible.


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