If you’re in the market for a used car, it’s important to ensure the vehicle is mechanically sound and safe to drive. A professional inspection of a used car can ensure that the vehicle you are considering is in good condition and worth purchasing. Getting professional assistance for inspecting a used car can be done quickly and easily, with just a few steps. Knowing what type of inspection is required, who should perform it, and how to get started can help make the process go smoothly.  

What Type of Inspection is Needed for a Used Car?  

There are two types of used car inspections: a general inspection and a mechanical inspection. The type of inspection you choose depends on your budget, the age of the vehicle and your knowledge of cars.  

A general used car inspection includes a visual inspection of the outside and inside of a vehicle, as well as an examination of its title and history. This type of inspection is not very expensive, but it may not be thorough enough to allow you to detect certain issues.  

A mechanical inspection includes a thorough check of the engine, transmission, brakes and all other moving parts. This type of inspection is more expensive, but it can help you avoid buying a vehicle with serious mechanical issues that could cost hundreds or even thousands to repair.  

A General Inspection is Easy and Cheap 

Anyone can do a general inspection of a car. A general inspection is a visual inspection of the outside and inside of a vehicle. It involves looking at the paint, upholstery, and other external features. You will also want to check all of the lights, windows, and seats to make sure they are in good shape. Test drive the vehicle and see how it drives. Does it veer left or right? Do you notice any odd sounds or smells? Does everything seem to be in working order?  

Ask the owner about the history, past repairs, and accidents. Then verify everything with a service like CarFax. A little bit of time and money will save you thousands in repair bills if you do your due diligence. If the car passes your general inspection, it’s time for a mechanical inspection.  

A Mechanical Inspection Could Save You Thousands 

Recently, a regular customer of ours asked us to do a mechanical inspection of a Jeep Patriot she was considering buying. The vehicle looked great on the outside, had great mileage, and was recently painted. She took it for a test drive and fell in love. The customer had done her due diligence and had pulled up the CarFax report to ensure the vehicle had never had major problems, but the report came out clean. The owner also said it was only used in the city to go to and from work. The price was fair, and she agreed to purchase the vehicle as long as it passed our inspection the next day.  

The owner of the vehicle brought the car in, and our customer paid for the mechanical inspection. Our certified technicians inspected the vehicle and found multiple issues, including motor mounts that were completely shot. The cost to repair these issues turned a fair deal into a really bad one. Needless to say, our customer didn’t go through with the deal and thanked us for saving her thousands in future repairs. 

While we know that our customer would’ve loved to have that Jeep Patriot, we knew she wouldn’t want to see us often for repairs. When she’s ready for her next used car purchase, you can bet she’ll be back to have us inspect it as well. When you’re ready for a mechanical car inspection, we’re here for you too. Contact us today! 

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