Some traffic laws make perfect sense – others are outright strange. We know the basics when it comes to driving laws (go the speed limit, stop at red lights, don’t drink and drive), but chances are you haven’t heard about these following twelve weird driving laws.

1. Weird Driving Laws: In ALASKA, Don’t Tie Dogs to the Roof

It’s illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your vehicle. Having said that, there’s no reference to whether it’s okay to tie a dog to a different area on the car. Weird that this needs to be listed as a driving law – it’s obvious it isn’t appropriate. Do not tie your dog to the car!

2. ARIZONA – Stupid Motorist Law

Certain areas of Arizona are known for their monsoons when a deluge of rain falls in a short period of time. These rains cause hazardous driving conditions. Unfortunately, every year drivers willfully pass barricades, a potentially deadly act that is against the law. If the drivers get trapped in a flooded area, they can be held liable for their rescue expenses.

3. ARKANSAS; No Honking After 9 pm if . . .

In Little Rock, Arkansas, you can’t honk the horn after 9:00 pm near places where sandwiches and cold drinks are served. So, when the clock strikes 9:00 (pm), you’d better pay attention to what’s around you if you honk in Little Rock.

4. In CALIFORNIA . . . Don’t Shoot Game While Driving

This is one of the weirdest driving laws on this list. It’s a misdemeanor to shoot any kind of game while driving a vehicle in California, unless what you’re aiming at is a whale! Although it seems crazy that you’d ever shoot at a whale while driving, California says it’s permitted. All other animals are apparently off-limits.

5. In Alamosa COLORADO: Throwing Missiles at Cars is Illegal

According to the Code of Ordinances for Alamosa, CO, It’s against the law for anyone to project missiles at cars or equipment. DUH! It’s a law for a reason, so perhaps they’ve had trouble with it in the past.

6. DELAWARE: In Fenwick Island, Don’t Change in Your Car

In Fenwick Island, Delaware, it’s illegal to change your clothes in the car. It’s also illegal to live in, cook, sleep, or use toilet facilities in any vehicle in Fenwick Island.

7. In FLORIDA You Can “Park” an Elephant at a Parking Meter

If you search for weird driving laws online in Florida, you’ll find that this one is one of the strangest. Apparently, in Florida it’s okay to tie an elephant, goat, or alligator to a parking meter as long as you feed the meter first. It is believed that this law was established in 1927 when Ringling Bros. Circus relocated their winter operations to Sarasota.

8. GEORGIA: It’s Illegal to Drive Through a Playground

A city ordinance in Dublin, Georgia clearly states that motor vehicles can’t drive through playgrounds. As a matter of fact, no motorized vehicles are allowed on playgrounds or school areas, unless the driver has written permission from the area’s director of parks and recreation.

9. IOWA – Don’t Throw Bricks onto the Highway in Tiffin

Unless you have written permission of course. In Tiffin, it’s against the law to throw bricks on the highway. The law doesn’t just pertain to bricks either. You’ll need permission to shoot arrows or throw stones as well.

10. MAINE – No Parking in Front of Dunkin Donuts

In South Berwick, Maine, don’t get between citizens and their coffee and donuts. It’s actually unlawful if you do. Maine made it illegal to park within 25 feet of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Of the several shops listed in this part of the town ordinance, it’s the only one that names a specific business.

11. Don’t Swear in Rockville MARYLAND

In Rockville, it’s illegal to swear from a motor vehicle. You can’t swear, profanely curse, or use obscene language on or near any sidewalk, street, or highway within hearing distance of a passerby. Keep it clean, people!

12. MINNESOTA: In Minnetonka, Your Tires Need to Be Clean

Before you drive through Minnetonka, MN, you may want to visit a car wash if your tires are dirty. Driving through Minnetonka with dirty tires is considered a public nuisance.

In all seriousness, following the traffic laws, even weird driving laws, is the best way to travel safely on the road, avoid pricey fines, or time-wasting warnings. Be sure you know the laws as you begin your holiday travel.

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