Your vehicle’s electrical system is as important as the engine itself. Without properly functioning electronics, your car or truck will not get you around Phoenix as it should.  If you’re noticing problems, it’s important to have auto electrical service performed before you’re stranded on a hot 110-degree day.

Critical components of a vehicle’s electrical system include the battery, alternator, starter and wiring, all having an impact on the safety and pleasure of driving a car. 

Having your vehicle’s electrical system checked out at the first signs of trouble is essential. Signs that you need auto electrical service include:

  • The dashboard or interior lights aren’t illuminating correctly.
  • The vehicle runs, but the headlights dim when idling or when traveling at low speeds
  • The vehicle doesn’t start when you turn the key; all you hear is a grinding, clicking sound, or in some cases, no sound.

Parts that might need auto electrical service affect both drivability and vision.

Auto Electrical Service for Drivability

The necessary auto electric service related to drivability include the following:


When the car isn’t running, the batteries provide vehicles with electrical current for the fuel and ignition systems. Batteries can last up to seven years, but in Phoenix, the battery life is much shorter. It’s a good idea to have it replaced every four years or sooner. 


The alternator keeps the battery charged and the electrical system going when the vehicle is running. Signs that the alternator needs to be replaced include poor or erratic performance, battery discharges, and loss of power to the engine.


Even though the battery provides the power needed to start a vehicle, the starter is what gets the engine going. The battery provides a small amount of power to the starter motor. Next, an intricate process takes place as the starter rotates the flywheel, which turns the crankshaft and starts moving the engine’s pistons.

Auto Electrical Service for Safety

The necessary auto electric service related to vision and safety include:


Properly functioning headlights are essential when it comes to visibility at night. It’s important to have your vehicle’s headlights inspected frequently. Besides the bulbs burning out, the plastic lenses covering them can become damaged or cloudy. 

Tail Lights

Tail lights also need to be inspected often with particular attention being paid to the brake light’s as well. Malfunctioning taillights and brake lights can lead to an accident or a ticket.

Door Locks

There are several ways to lock and unlock the car doors of newer models. Door lock methods include lock and unlock buttons inside the vehicle, a combination lock on the exterior of the door, and keyless entry remote controls. Companies like OnStar can also unlock your car, but they require a service agreement. Despite the rumors, you can’t remotely unlock your car with your cell phone yet.

Backup Camera

Most newer Luxury SUV’s and cars today have backup cameras installed to help resolve blind spot issues when backing up.

Power Windows

Power windows are easier and safer to operate when driving. Newer vehicles have power windows that feature convenient innovations, including sensors that let you know that something’s blocking the window and returning it to an open position. 

The Problem with DIY

When it comes to auto electrical service, trying to fix the problem yourself can end up doing a lot of damage to other elements. There are a multitude of electrical components required to route power in a vehicle’s electrical system, varying greatly depending on the age, make and model. Most newer cars also feature advanced computer systems that influence functions including steering, sensors, brakes, and more. All of these components make it virtually impossible for a novice to diagnose what is causing auto electrical problems.

Auto Electrical Service Pricing

You shouldn’t get shocked over auto electrical service pricing. You should look for a company that will do the job right the first time and charges you a fair price. Effectively troubleshooting a vehicle’s electrical system calls for specialized diagnostic equipment that can access your vehicle’s information and determine the cause of electrical problems. Engine diagnostics are also necessary to troubleshoot complex electrical issues.

A reliable and safe driving experience depends on your vehicle having a 100 % functional electrical system. To learn more about our auto electrical service, click here.

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