Keeping up with your car maintenance is the best Christmas present you can give your wallet this year. Why? Read on . . .

Used Car Prices Have Gone Up

Used car prices have gone up a staggering 30% in the last year and new cars by at least 5%. The difference has caused some consumers to consider new cars. Unfortunately, due to a global shortage of petroleum-based parts and semiconductors, automakers are prompted to slow or temporarily halt production, making new car options scarcer. The semiconductor chip problem has been compounded by pent-up demand from people who are beginning to venture out again as the worse of the pandemic seems to have passed.

High Theft Car and Parts Demand

The pandemic has also helped drive the biggest increase in auto part thefts due to escalating car prices in more than a decade. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, car thefts in the United States alone jumped 9% in 2020 from a year before 873,000, the highest number in over a decade. This is yet another reason to keep your current ride in good shape by regularly performing car maintenance.

Car Maintenance Makes Sense

If you have been considering buying a new or used car right now, they’re going to be more expensive, and all signs show that prices will continue increasing. The most sensible thing you can do at this point is to keep your car well maintained. Some of the most important car maintenance include the following.

Factory Scheduled Car Maintenance

Factory Scheduled Maintenance is a list of maintenance tasks that your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends be completed every 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, 90,000 miles, or more. Essential car maintenance services include the following:

  • Check All Fluids: Crucial fluids to check include brake fluid, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and of course, motor oil. Have the fluids in your vehicle checked regularly to ensure proper functionality and extend its life.
  • Oil Change: The motor oil in your car’s engine supports several important functions; it lubricates moving parts, cools the engine, helps serve as a sealant against debris, helps prevent engine corrosion, and reduces wear and tear. Bottom line, regularly scheduled oil changes are vital for good engine health. Depending on your vehicle, and the kind of oil you use, you may need to have the oil, and the filter changed every 3000 miles (or 3 months).
  • Have the Battery Inspected: Car batteries are integral to maintaining a healthy vehicle. You depend on the battery every time you drive the car. In most cases, it’s recommended that the battery be inspected at least twice a year (every six months or 6,000 miles). Check your vehicle’s car maintenance manual for the type of battery you should be using.
  • Tire Care: Make sure that your tires are accurately inflated and have a balanced level of tread. Also, having the tires rotated will help extend their life by evenly balancing tread wear and will help prevent vibration and noise problems.

With supplies short, costs up, and the escalating car part thefts, along with salespeople who have less incentive to offer deals, it makes sense to keep what you have for now and have regular car maintenance performed. It will be the best Christmas present you give yourself all year!

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