Are you thinking of selling your car? There are lots of reason or selling your vehicle. Your family is growing, moving, or having several cars and needing to downsize. Here are some ideas to help you sell your car. Hopefully, this can assist the process go smoothly.


Evaluate your vehicle.

Knowing what your car is worth can be beneficial for you. It can help ensure that you get the most value of your vehicle. If you do not have a popular make and model car, you may need to do some research to help sell your car.



Be ready to answer any question about the vehicle. Compare your car to another car just like yours. Check out Craigslist, Kelly Blue Book, and another website. Be specific when comparing your vehicle. Look into special features or upgrades that you may have, knowing the market in which your planning on selling your car.


What’s your asking price?

Determine the going rate for your vehicle. Take into consideration the mileage, vehicle condition, special features, location, previous drivers and fuel economy. If your vehicle has some upgrades or if you have purchased new tires, boost your price accordingly.


Decide where to sell your vehicle.

Know the market. It may be beneficial for you to sell your car in a different zip code. Demand can be different from one area to another. You should advertise your vehicle in at least three different areas.


Prepared your vehicle’s paperwork.

Here in Arizona the MVD requires that you have your signature notarized on the back of the title. If you have lost or misplaced your title, you’ll need to get a hold of a duplicate title in order to complete your vehicle sale. You’ll need to fill out the Title and Registration Application; It’s not required to have a bill of sale, but it would be a good idea to have one. It would have some relevant information like the buyer’s name, contact information, date sold, and price paid. If you have any maintenance records, or a vehicle history report get them together in an organized folder. It may instill confidence in the buyer. In Arizona, you’ll also fill a sold notice; you have ten calendar days from when you sold the vehicle to submit the sold notice. You can fill the back of the registration form and mail it to the address on the back of the form. Take the license plate off the car. The plate is yours not the car. You have 30 days to transfer the plate or apply for a plate refund.

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