Finding a Phoenix auto shop that you can trust with your vehicle should be easy, but with the number of choices available it can be a bit difficult. You have to choose the best shop out of dozens in your area – generally without having a chance to know their prices or service beforehand. Worse, if you’re looking for a Phoenix auto shop, it’s possible your car is already broken down and you need help right away. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to find the best Phoenix auto shop for your car.

Get Referrals From Friends and Family

There’s a reason that so many people rely on their friends and family for advice – because they’ve been in your shoes or know someone who has. Asking the people you know about their experience at various Phoenix auto shops is a great place to start your search. If you have a specific repair that you need right away, you can ask your friends and family if they know anyone who does a good job in that particular area. Generally, you will know someone who had a particularly good – or particularly bad – experience at a local shop, and that will help you make your decision.

Check Online Reviews

Many times the best way to find out about a Phoenix auto shop is to ask the people who have had their cars serviced there. If you don’t know anyone personally, checking online reviews can be another great option. You can search Google for review, check Yelp, or even go online to the Better Business Bureau. This will help you see what the overall sentiment about a particular Phoenix auto shop is. There always seems to be one terrible or glowing review, so make sure you get an overall consensus about the shop by reading multiple reviews and doing your research. Don’t rely on a single review to make your final decision.

Consider Location and Longevity

Obviously, if you’re going to use a Phoenix auto shop for a long time, it needs to be in a location that’s convenient for you. In addition, you want to make sure the shop has been in the area for a long time. There’s nothing more frustrating than choosing to use a shop, only to have it suddenly close down or disappear. At best, it’s a major inconvenience – at worst, it was a scam to begin with, and now you don’t have anyone to turn to if the repair work turns out to be shoddy. It’s much better to choose an auto shop that has a long-standing reputation in Phoenix, and who is known to stand behind their work.

Go With Your Gut

Making the final decision can be challenging, so be sure you listen to your gut feeling about a shop. Do you feel welcomed? Do the people feel professional and caring? Is the shop clean, well maintained and orderly? If you feel good about a Phoenix auto shop, that’s a good sign that it’s the one you should choose for your regular car maintenance.

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