Heading out to your car in the morning only to discover morning dew, fogged-up windows, or frost isn’t a great way to start the day. Luckily, the following defrosting tips for your car will help get you safely on the road fast.

Removing Dew

Dew is a form of water that’s created when water vapor condenses. The following are a few tips that will help remove the dew from your windshields.


Turn on the Wipers

Using the windshield wipers is the quickest and easiest way to wipe away condensation. If you don’t have wipers on the back windows, use a rag, or better yet, a squeegee.

Use a squeegee

Quickly wipe away the morning dew with a squeegee. All you need is a shower squeegee (They’re small and easy to store). Be sure you get one that has a soft rubber edge. Harder edges don’t conform to the curve of the car windows, as well as flexible ones do. They can also scratch up your windows.


Murphy’s law: You’re running late for work or to take the kids to school, but when you rush outside, you find the car covered with ice and impossible to drive. Turning the car on and letting it idle for a bit will warm it up and cause the ice to melt. This defrosting tip for your car is especially helpful if your vehicle has a defrost setting. Warm the car up slowly – don’t turn the heater on full blast.

Stock Up on De-icers

As cold weather approaches, stock up on de-icers because they do a great job of keeping windshields from freezing. These are available online, at auto parts, and various other retail stores.

Make This DIY De-icing Spray

Mix two-thirds cup of rubbing alcohol with one-third cup of water in a spray bottle and shake to mix well. This solution should start to melt the ice by itself, but you can also use a squeegee, soft brush, or cloth rag.

Cover the Windows at Night

Covering the car windows at night with a car cover, blanket, or towel will prevent them from freezing over.

Interior Condensation

The interior of cars, especially older models, acts as a greenhouse during colder months. Without ventilation, moisture develops that can’t escape the car’s interior, turning it to water on the glass. This is a common problem with older cars.

Heat the Air

The best way to get rid of condensation is to heat up the car’s air, making it less humid. The easiest way to do this is to hit the defrost button that turns on both the heat and the AC system. You may think it’s weird to turn on the AC when it’s cold outside. But it helps remove moisture from the air, which keeps the windows from fogging up.

Use a Moisture Absorber

Moisture absorbers do a great job of collecting water and condensation. These products absorb moisture, eliminating fogging windows, musty odors, and various other moisture-related problems.

Don’t attempt to melt ice on your windshield by pouring warm water on them! The extreme change in temperature is hazardous for glass and could result in the windshield cracking.

These morning dew and defrosting tips for your car will make driving during the winter less annoying.


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