“…If you are driving an affected vehicle, until the safety recall repairs have been performed, it is very important that you remove all items from your key ring, leaving only the vehicle key…”

Best practice with ANY key operated vehicle. Why? If you have stuff on your key ring, hold your ignition key by the cut end, rock it slightly to & fro. Notice how the key moves in your hand. This wears the key and ignition switch as you drive.
Simple fix – keep Put your ignition key on a pull off ring so it is quick and easy to separate from the ballast and there where you need it.

“For your specific vehicle, please visit the GM Owner Center <https://my.gm.com/web/portal/_warrantyandrecalls>  and enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).”

What if you already paid for this repair?  GM will provide instructions to request reimbursement.

If we (Hi-Tech Car Care) replaced your cylinder please contact us and we assist you in any way even process your claim for you.
BTW –   Your replacement part has a lifetime warranty.
The manufacturer has not had report of a single failure occurrence similar to GM’s.
And, because you trust and confidence in your vehicle (and us) is paramount, When the GM replacement part is available we can replace yours free of charge.

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