Finding car service that you can trust can make or break your wallet. You want an expert, but also one that provides a fair price. There are many different services that repair shops offer. Here are a few of ours.

Car Service and Maintenance

Auto care professionals will tell you that the only way to keep vehicles running safely for an extended period of time is routine car service and maintenance. Routine maintenance includes several different tasks, like oil changes, air, and oil filter replacement, tire rotation, fluid checks, battery, brake, engine, transmission inspections, windshield wiper, and fluid replacement.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend having major car service performed at specified intervals (30-60-90K maintenance).

Brake System Repair

Whether it’s the brake pedal, electronic anti-lock brake sensors, drum brakes or disc brake, hydraulic brake fluid, power brake booster or brake master cylinder, High Tech Car Care’s ASE certified mechanics know every inch of the brake systems on all vehicles, inside and out.

Engine Performance

Several aspects effect how long and well an engine runs. High Tech Auto has the skills and expertise to keep the engine running smoothly. We can identify all engine performance problems, including drivability, the computer system, fuel mileage, and emissions issues on all types of vehicles. 

Cooling System

Ignoring cooling system problems leads to overheating, the primary cause of serious engine problems. Within the cooling system, a combination of coolant (antifreeze) and water flows continuously, which helps reduce the temperature within the motor. The cooling system is made up of several parts, including the water pump, radiator, thermostat, and hoses. It’s a comprehensive system that requires car service, especially before Arizona’s hot summer months arrive.

Comfort Systems

Today comfort systems do more for drivers than ever before. They help keep the air clean, trigger cruise control, cool the air on a hot summer’s day and warm it during the winter. You want your seats to warm up, move forward and backward at the click of a button. You want your tires to tell you when the air pressure is low and want to be reminded to turn the lights off. To continue to enjoy these comforts, you need to have car service, and maintenance performed regularly, or at the first signs of trouble.

Steering and Suspension

You need steering and suspension service to sustain a smooth and reliable ride. These systems consist of several components, including shocks and struts, that also play a part in keeping your ride smooth and safe.

Fuel System Service

Impurities in the fuel system can result in obstructions that cause lost acceleration, hesitation, and rough idling. Injector and fuel cleaning services improve gas mileage and provide additional benefits as well. High Tech Car Care’s fuel system car service will help protect the engine, restore optimal performance, and reduce emissions.

Drive Train System

The drive train system includes the drive shaft, transmission, axles, and wheels. Basically, it works with the engine to move the wheels. Common car service maintenance for the drive train system includes clutch repair, changing the differential fluid, CV axle, CV joint, and driveshaft replacement.

Engine Service

If you adhere to engine car service and maintenance and have any necessary repairs done immediately, your vehicle will last longer. Common engine services include tune-ups, filter replacement, and fuel system cleaning services.

Emission Systems

A vehicle’s auto emission system is the key to efficient, and clean engine performance. If emission components fail, emissions increase. Other defective components, for example, spark plugs and filters, may also increase emissions. While the emission system is complex, the car service specialists at High Tech Car Care will be able to diagnose and fix problems.

Vision and Electrical

Perfectly functioning headlights, tail lights, and running lights are crucial to driver safety. Car services related to vision and electrical include inspecting, replacing or repairing headlights, tail lights, backup cameras, door locks, window lifts and more.

Car Service Guarantee

At Hi-Tech Car Care, we’re so confident we’ll do the best job for you that we offer our own guarantee – we guarantee over 90% of our parts, and car service for three years or 36,000 miles, whatever comes first. Car service doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. To learn more about the services we provide, click here.

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