When you own a foreign built vehicle, you are aware that one of the major challenges is finding a reputable and experienced foreign auto repair shop. Whether you need a foreign auto repair due to recalls or general use, it’s important to find a shop you can trust. Here are five things to know when you get your car repaired to ensure a satisfied outcome. 

1.  Why is it Important to Use a AAA Top Shop? 

Because AAA Top shops have been reviewed by AAA and are considered part of their renown Approved Auto Repair program. Once a shop receives this designation, AAA continues to monitor them, including having them maintain customer surveys with a minimum of a 90% approval rating. Other requirements include upholding an exemplary business reputation and being actively involved in the community through charities and service groups. What this means to the foreign car owner is that their vehicle will be serviced by highly trained foreign auto repair professionals who can identify and fix any potential problems. 

2.  ASE Certified Shop Technicians 

Besides looking for the AAA approved signage, make sure that the shop, as well as their technicians, are ASE certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). A non-profit organization, their goal is to improve the quality of vehicle service and repair via the testing and certification of auto service and repair professionals. 

3.  Know the Common Foreign Auto Repair Services 

Electrical Component Problems 

Failure of electrical components is a common issue with foreign vehicles like Audis and Saabs. The owners of these vehicles have reported that the most common failures include a digital dashboard, console or display, failed tail lamps, and erratic lights.   

Exhaust Gas Recirculation 

This system also referred to as “EGR” is one that reduces the temperatures in the vehicle’s combustion chamber. Wear, tear, and carbon build up repair problems will require the expertise of a foreign auto repair professional. 

Replacing the Oxygen Sensor 

Generally speaking, replacing an oxygen sensor is a fairly straightforward job that typically only calls for a few tools. That said, in most cases, vehicle repairs, especially if the owner isn’t experienced, is better left to professionals. 

Failure of Ignition Coil or Spark Plug 

Failure of the ignition coil or spark plugs in foreign vehicles is one of the most common mechanical problems. It is also the primary reason engines misfire. The auto repair technician will install new spark plugs and tune the engine to the appropriate factory specs. You can feel confident that a reputable auto repair shop will use high-quality parts. 

4. Factory Diagnostics

Foreign auto repairs require special diagnostic tools, and without these tools, the shop won’t be able to provide the best service. There are unique diagnostic tools used for a variety of repairs including anti-lock brakes, fuel injection, electrical system problems and other issues common in foreign cars. So, before you choose a foreign auto repair shop, make sure that it has access to the tools that will get the job at hand done right. 

5. Recommended Maintenance

Foreign auto repairs can be costly – both parts and service. Consequently, the perfect solution is to minimize repair costs by sticking to your vehicles recommended maintenance schedule, before minor problems turn into major ones. 

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