The Most Common Saturn Car RepairThe Saturn brand was one that could be argued was a bit before it’s time. It was a sad day to see this great car move its way into the automotive history books.  However, there are still Saturn cars on the road today. Those vehicles require service and maintenance to keep them running for years to come.  Below is a Saturn car repair that is very common.

Power Steering Failure is the Most Common Problem

For current Saturn owners, one of the most common failures is the power steering. The problem seems to occur with no real rhyme or reason. You can try to stop the car, turn it off and then back on to see if the system resets itself. Keep in mind this is not a fix; just a band-aid that may or may not work every time.

General Motors suggests replacing the power steering electric assist motor. Your automotive repair specialist can diagnose this and make sure this is the cure.

If you are experiencing issues with the power steering here are a couple of early warning signs:

  • Noise, like a humming or whining noise. This could be a tell-tale sign.
  • Difficulty in turning the car; the steering wheel is tight or difficult to turn.
  • Power steering fluid is visible after your vehicle sits overnight.

It is highly recommended you get to a shop immediately if you experience any of these problems.

Power Steering Failure

Here are some things to do if you do have a power steering failure while driving:

  • Don’t panic! Yes, it’s scary, but you can drive through it if you remain calm and follow the next steps.
  • Turn on the “Emergency Flashers” as quickly as you can. Honk your horn if needed.
  • Begin to slow your vehicle down and move your vehicle to the side of the road at a safe speed.
  • When slowing down, do so gradually and safely. Don’t slam on the brakes; just come to a safe stop off the roadway.
  • If the engine stalled, try and restart your vehicle if you did not get completely off the roadway. It’s very important not to turn off your vehicle and restart it while in motion. You can lock your steering wheel in place. Start it only if the vehicle has come to a complete stop.
  • Get to a shop as quickly as you can. If you’re in a safe spot, try restarting your vehicle and see how your power steering does. Make your way to the shop on surface streets if you feel that it is safe to do so.

Follow these tips and you will do fine. Come by our shop and let us get to know your Saturn. As Saturn car enthusiasts we welcome the opportunity to help you.

If you believe your Saturn needs repair, don’t wait. We can check it out for you.


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