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Steering and Suspension Repair

2 & 4 Wheel Alignment

icon8The purpose of wheel alignment is to make sure that your tires are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. If your car’s wheels are improperly aligned it can cause uneven tire wear and shorten tire life. Improper alignment can also cause steering problems. All cars permit adjustment of the front wheels, But not all cars require rear wheel alignment. At Hi-Tech Car Care we know the difference and have the knowledge and equipment to perform either one.

Wheel Balancing

The wheels on your car need to be balanced to prevent vibrations when they are spinning. The vibration from out of balance wheels is more noticeable at high speeds. Vibrations felt through the steering wheel probably originate in the front wheels while vibrations felt through the seat probably originate in the rear wheels. To balance your car’s wheels lead weights are mounted opposite heavy spots on the tire and wheel combination.

Struts And Shock Replacement in Phoenix

Struts and shocks perform the same function; they dampen vibrations as your car moves down the road. If your car bounces more than three times after going over a dip in the road, it is time to have your struts inspected. Worn struts can cause a type of tire wear called cupping. Your struts, along with the rest of your suspension system should be inspected every 12 to 15 thousand miles.

Rack And Pinion/Power Steering Service

Most cars today are equipped with rack and pinion steering with power assist. You should inspect your steering at each oil change. This includes inspecting for damage or leaks and checking the power steering fluid level. The power steering system should be flushed and the fluid replaced every 25,000 miles.


The condition of your tires is of critical importance to your safety. An examination of your tires for tread wear and damage is one of the inspections we perform at every oil change.

Recent Reviews

by Chad Every on Hi-Tech Car Care

Call with your problem. Ask questions.Get answers. Ask for a professional. These guys just saved me thousands of $$dollars$$. I did not need a new trans just help over the phone...

by Sonja Duckstein on Hi-Tech Car Care

Hi-Tech is exactly as its name says-a hi tech car repair shop! This shop is fantastic and completely reliable. You do not have to worry that they are adding unnecessary charges...

by Amanda V. on Hi-Tech Car Care

When we walked in we were immediately professionally greeted with bottled water and sodas. Very friendly!!! We had an appt. with Jim and he was so courteous and helpful! Because...

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