Arizona’s hot summer weather is fast approaching – not a great time of year to deal with car air conditioner repair issues. It’s always best to maintain your car’s cooling system and keep an eye out for signs of trouble. Following are six common car air conditioner repair problems to look for as well as possible solutions.

1. The Air Isn’t Cooling

If the AC system is blowing hot air instead of the cold blast we all appreciate during hot weather, you’ll probably need to have a car air conditioner repair service performed. There are several reasons the air conditioner might not be cool including low refrigerant level, a damaged compressor belt, a cracked compressor, broken condenser, defective clutch, idle valves or inactive pressure switches.

2. No Air is Coming out of the Vents

The worst sign of car air conditioner repair problems is when no air is blowing out from the vents. This problem could be caused by damaged cooling vents, a defective dashboard control switch, a blown fuse or plugged up vents.

3. Bad Smell

There are several problems that can cause bad smells coming from the air conditioner unit, including an old or dirty air cabin filter, or a moldy, damp evaporator case. This sometimes happens because the case’s drain ends up blocked, causing mold to accumulate. When a car’s air conditioning system hasn’t been used for a while, microorganisms like fungus and bacteria often start to accumulate, creating a bad smell.

4. Weird Noises

One of the easiest warning signs of a “soon to be” non-functioning air conditioner system is hearing rattling, banging noises. These noises can be caused by debris and leaves clogging up the unit, or that a major part is about to give out. Once you start hearing weird noises coming from your air conditioning, have it checked out by a professional.

5. Leaking

Low pressure in an air conditioner system is often a sign of a leak, causing coolant to drain around your car. If you don’t address the problem, it can lead to serious issues down the road. Look for leaks originating from your AC system because leaking refrigerant is a toxic chemical that can damage the car’s engine and harm the environment. Leaks are typically caused by excess moisture or other damages. When refrigerant and moisture mix, corrosive acids can end up eating away at components and seals.

6. Water Stains Inside Your Vehicle

After the AC has been running awhile, it’s not unusual to see water drain out from the bottom of the car. It can actually be a good sign. On the other hand, if you don’t see a little water draining, but are finding water stains inside the car, you could be facing a car air conditioner repair problem. The drain on the bottom of the car can become clogged or damaged, causing water to back up and flow into your car, usually pooling underneath the dash and close to the front floor mats.

7. Car Air Conditioner Repair Solutions

There are a number of car air conditioner repair solutions, ranging from basic air conditioning service (topping on existing Freon, removing impurities.) to replacing a broken thermostat, or blower, to addressing dashboard climate control issues. When it comes to air conditioning problems, the best plan of action is to consult a professional. Professional car air conditioner detection and repair can also prevent additional issues down the road that will save you both time and money.

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