Between the PTA meetings, the commute to work, soccer practice and the occasional camping trip, the interior of the car takes a beating. All the above makes for a grimy car interior, but many of us don’t take the time to clean it as often as we should. It’s time to show your dependable ride some love. Here is the best way to clean car interiors so you can end up with a car you can be proud of.


You can’t thoroughly clean the car’s interior until you get rid of the snack build up, remove or organize the kid’s toys, and recycle old water bottles. Removing gym clothes or soccer cleats can also help reduce odor and dirt.

Clean the Door Jambs

Door jambs are some of the first parts you see when you open your car door so keep them clean. Use a cotton or microfiber cloth and rub a mild polish on the area. It will not only make the door jambs look a lot nicer, but the oil will also keep it from drying out and cracking over time.

Clean the Vinyl

The best way to clean car interior vinyl is wipe down the vinyl with a microfiber cloth or rag. This will remove dirt and dust from the doors and the dashboard. Next, lightly spray the cloth with a good vinyl cleaning solution and wipe down the surface. Then use a dry cloth to remove the excess. If there are hard to reach areas on the dash and between controls, try using a lightly dampened Q-tip to get into the nooks and crannies.

Wash the Windows

First, roll down your windows and wipe away the dirt build-up that usually gets pushed to the top. Next, clean your windows, avoiding products that contain ammonia because it can damage windows and dry out the plastic components. Also, if your windows are tinted, make sure the cleaner you use meets the recommendations for your tinted windows.

Clean the Seats

The best way to clean car interior seats is to first use a vacuum to remove the dirt. If your seats are vinyl or leather, use a leather cleaner that will work on both materials. If you have cloth seats, use a spray-on upholstery or another appropriate cleaner and gently scrub with a brush.

Clean the Floors

Now it’s time to clean floors, one of the more challenging steps. Begin by removing the mats and sliding the seats forward to deal with the rubbish that tends to build up behind and underneath them. Then, use a vacuum hose to go over the carpeting and mats. If your mats are rubber, spray them off with a hose and let them dry out.

The Most Frequently Missed Step

Cleaning the interior air filters – most car owners don’t even realize they should be doing this. Airs filters help “filter out” dust, pollen, and smog as it penetrates the vehicle from the outside. The cabin air filters are typically located either behind the glove box, in the engine compartment or around the HVAC blower and case. When it comes to the best way to clean car interior, especially something as complicated as cabin filters, it’s a good idea to have someone else with experience do it.

The best way to clean car interiors includes the critical step of cleaning your filters. If cleaning your cabin filters isn’t something you’re used to doing, give us a call. We can do this for you. Call us at the number above or learn more about our services here.

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