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Keep Your Saturns A/C Running Cool In The Phoenix, AZ Heat

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If your Saturn’s air conditioning (a/c) is struggling this summer and you need to stay cool, the right a/c service can make all the difference. If you own a Saturn then you probably know the Saturn brand came to an end in 2009 during GM’s restructuring. This may lead to questions about the future care of your vehicle’s a/c system. While Saturn auto repair shops in Phoenix may seem far and few between, there is one centrally located auto shop equipped to handle all types of Saturn maintenance and repair. Dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction, Hi Tech Car Care offers many services designed to keep you cool this summer.

Especially in Phoenix, Arizona, the summer months are notoriously hard on vehicles’ systems including cooling systems, transmissions, brakes, fuel pumps, all rubber products like belts, hoses, timing belts even tires. However no matter what car, truck, or SUV you have the one system you are most likely to notice is your vehicle’s a/c. If you notice a decline in your vehicles a/c this summer, please read the following service explanations to learn more about a/c maintenance for your vehicle:

Overall System Check: Your vehicle’s a/c system has many parts that are interconnected throughout the cabin and engine bay. A detailed inspection of these parts is crucial if you expect your system to last this summer. This service checks for leaks in the systems hosing and tests all system components. This is a good starting point to identify problems within the a/c system.

A/C Recharge Service: Most often, the root of poor a/c performance is low or contaminated Freon in the system. Typically the service involves refilling the Freon to its optimal level, however if contaminated with sealant, moisture or air Hi Tech Car Care is equipped to handle the filtering process.

A/C Repair Services: Should your a/c unit need repairing of any kind, Hi Tech Car Care strictly adherers to EPA standards for Freon removal and recover. Once diagnosed, professionally trained technicians will repair any leaks or replace broken-down parts.

Other Key Service Areas: If your are having electrical issues with you’re a/c controls, Hi Tech Car Care will check and repair the wiring in your vehicle’s climate control selectors. In addition, technicians will also inspect and repair the “blower” component, which directs incoming air to either the cooling or heating elements.

For more information about Saturn Repair in Phoenix Arizona. Please contact Hi Tech Car Care at (602) 224-0941

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