Identifying The Brake Problem

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Excessive Effort
If you have power brakes and while driving stopping seems to take excessive effort, you probably need to have the power booster replaced.

Too Long To Stop
If your vehicle travels too far before coming to a stop you either need to have you brakes your brakes adjusted or you need new brake linings.

Pedal Too Low
If you have power brakes, the pedal should stop 1 to 1-1/2 inches from the floor. On cars without power brakes, the pedal should stop 3 or more inches from the floor. If pumping the brake pedal a couple of times causes the pedal to rise you either need to have your brakes adjusted or you need more brake fluid.

Pulls To One Side
If your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, the problem could be a stuck caliper or a brake fluid leak. Bring it to Hi-Tech Car Care And we will diagnose your problem and fix it.

Sinking Pedal

This is an indication that your master cylinder may be defective, and that its unsafe. The master cylinder needs to be repaired or replaced

Pulsating Pedal
If your brake pedal pulsates up and down when you stop in a non-emergency situation it is usually caused by a warped disc or drum. This is caused by your brakes being overheated from overuse. The warped disc or drum needs to be either machined or replaced.

Spongy Feel

This is an indication that you have air in your brake lines. The brake system needs to be bled in order to purge the air from the system.

Shaking Steering Wheel
If your steering wheel shakes when you brake your front brake discs need to be machined or replaced.


If your brakes squeal when you stop the cause can be out of round drums or discs, worn brake linings the, loose or worn parts, or inferior brake linings.

A grinding noise coming from your brakes indicates excessively worn brake linings which can cause extensive damage to your brake system. Do not drive your vehicle, have it towed to Hi-Tech Car Care.

No matter what problem you are having with your car, you can be sure that we will fix it right at Hi-Tech Car Care. We have the equipment and expertise to work on discontinued lines such as Saturn and Oldsmobile. To avoid a master brake failure in the S Series Saturn, have regular inspections on the brakes with wheel rotations. Be sure to have your brake pads replaced as necessary in the Kia Sedona to avoid crystalized rotors. We can also replace your Pontiac G6 front Rotors, if you hear brake noises before the rotors warp.

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