Arizona car reg is important because it’s required by law. There are also penalties involved if you don’t get the registration completed by the specified renewal date. The car reg process in Arizona can be a hassle if you’re not prepared. The following will help guide you through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) registration process and make it a lot easier.

When is Arizona Car Reg Required?

Whether you’ve recently purchased a car in Arizona or just moved here, to drive on the road legally, you’ll need to register your car within 15 days. Car reg in Arizona must be completed in person at your local MVD. If you buy a vehicle from a dealership, in most cases, they’ll submit your car reg documents for you (confirm this to avoid potential problems).

If you’ve just moved to Arizona, you’ll need to register your car once you’ve established residency. To make the process easier, Arizona lets you register and title your car at the same time.

What Do You Need to Register Your Car in Arizona?

When you’re ready to apply for an Arizona car reg you’ll need the following:

  • Photo identification
  • A completed application for title and registration.
  • Proof of car insurance that satisfies Arizona’s required coverage amounts which include, $10,000 for property damage per accident, $15,000 per person, and $30,000 for bodily injury per accident as of this writing.
  • Proof that your car passed an emissions test.
  • If applicable, you’re required to provide proof of a Level I inspection (verifies the vehicle identification number). This applies if you don’t have your car’s title or registration certificate.
  • Your vehicle’s out-of-state title or the current registration certificate if a lienholder holds the title.

Payment for Arizona Registration Fees

You’ll be required to pay a registration fee at the MVD office. The registration fees vary based on the vehicle, but you’ll typically pay $4 for a title, $5 for the license plates, $8 for registration paperwork, and a $1.50 fee for an air quality inspection. In addition, vehicles are required to pass a physical inspection.

Late Fees

Arizona car reg needs to be completed by the date stipulated on your current renewal and certificate notice. You’ll avoid late fees by registering your car by the specified date, or if the renewal is postmarked by that date. The one exception is if the vehicle fails the emissions test. If this is the case, you’ll be given an additional 30 days to repair the vehicle, pass the emissions test, and renew the registration. The late registration renewal fee at the time of this writing is $8 for the first month the renewal is late, and $4 for additional months, not exceeding a $100 total penalty. Even if you don’t receive a renewal notice before the registration expires, you still need to renew it by the expiration date.

Additional Penalties for Failing to Register Your Vehicle

If you fail to register your vehicle and get pulled over or ticketed for having expired tags, you’re likely to be fined. The car doesn’t need to be moving, occupied, or parked illegally either – you’re still likely to get ticketed.

If your Arizona car reg failed, contact us today. We can help diagnose and fix your car issues.

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