Why are so many people looking for a “Nitro tire fill near me”? Because one of the most important things drivers can do to ensure the longevity and safety of their tires is to make sure they’re properly inflated. Checking tire pressure once a month reduces tread wear, helps boost fuel economy, improves drivability, and reduces the probability of catastrophic tire failure.  The Nitro Tire Fill process provides better protection than air-filled options.

What is Nitro Tire Fill?

A Nitro Tire Fill is the process of adding pure nitrogen to tires. Nitro Tire Fill has been used in aircraft tires, race car, and other off-road tires for years and is now available for regular vehicles. Compressed air is approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other. It can cause damage to your tires as the oxygen interacts with the rubber and reduces flexibility. On the other hand, pure nitrogen is non-corrosive and non-combustible.

What Are the Benefits?

Maintaining continuous, proper tire pressure in tires increases life, improves fuel economy, vehicle handling, and safety. Replacing the air in your tires with NitroFill and properly maintaining them can increase the life of the tires by up to 50%. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Prevents inner-liner, rubber deterioration by oxidation
  • Tire pressure will be more consistent, even during drastic changes in temperature.
  • Because of its significant molecular structure, it won’t seep through tires the way air does.
  • It’s compatible with numerous internal tire balancing products that are often used in big truck tires.
  • Helps tires maintain the proper inflation pressure and reduces the number of faults recognized by the tire pressure monitoring system.
  • Because NitroFill is an inert dry gas, it helps keep corrosion, rot, and rust from happening, preventing inner rubber deterioration caused by oxidation.
  • Because nitrogen is an inert, noncorrosive, noncombustible, nonflammable gas, it’s commonly used in tires on vehicles that push performance limits under extreme conditions, like race cars and heavy-duty machinery.

Nitrogen vs. Air

Because proper, steady tire pressure is important to vehicle safety, handling, fuel economy, and longevity, NitroFill is the better choice when it comes to Nitrogen vs. Air. Oxygen seeps through the tires causing low tire pressure. On the other hand, NitroFill, because of its substantial molecular structure, won’t seep through tires the way that oxygen does. Nitrogen inflated tires also last longer and perform better. Also, because nitrogen is an inert dry gas, it prevents, rust, rot, and corrosion.

Nitro Tire Fill Warranty

Nitro Tire Fill purchases come with a membership in the NitroFill Motor Club. The membership covers most flat tires caused by road hazards, as well as roadside assistance if you end up stranded with a damaged or flat tire. FYI, using NitroFill doesn’t influence the tire manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have Hi-Tech Car Care fill your tires and register for the NitroFill Auto Club you will be covered if you get a flat, the tires fail because of a roadside hazard or if they’re damaged on the highway for up to $200. Looking for a “Nitro Tire Fill Near Me”? To learn more, visit: https://www.hi-techcarcare.com/nitrofill/

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