We’ve all been there. On the way to work and you end up blowing a tire, running out of gas or worse. That’s when you’d really appreciate having free roadside assistance. Whether you’ve run out of gas, lost your car keys, or need a tow, having a roadside assistance plan will get you out of emergency situations and give you peace of mind.

What is Free Roadside Assistance?

The best roadside assistance plans combine useful services with a low price tag, or better, for free. You may even already have free roadside assistance. Some new and used cars come with a warranty that includes roadside assistance. Several credit card companies offer roadside assistance for free or a nominal fee. Some car repair shops like Hi-Tech Car Care have roadside assistance plans. If you take your car to an auto care shop that does, you can get assistance for free when you spend a designated amount on services they offer. With Hi-Tech Car Care, you can 365 days’ worth of coverage when you need roadside assistance like a jump start, tire change, and tow to safety.

What Should I do If I need Roadside Assistance?

The first thing you should do if you’re driving on the highway is to pull completely off the road to safety (never stop in a traffic lane). If that’s not possible, at least drive onto an emergency lane or shoulder. Next, call 911 and let AZDPS (Arizona Department of Public Safety) know where you’re stranded. Also, don’t leave your car on the highway. If you have a roadside assistance plan, call for help immediately and give them an idea of where you are.

What Are Other Options for Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance might be available to you through your car insurance company, the car manufacturer, cell phone provider, or credit card company for free or a nominal fee. Some alternatives are pricier than others; however, don’t just base your decision on cost. Auto insurers typically offer roadside assistance as an add on coverage, but this is may only available if you have collision and comprehensive insurance.

You Can Pay for It

Roadside assistance programs like AAA can cost as much as $165 annually, depending on what you choose. Memberships are usually higher priced than other roadside assistance solutions, but they often include benefits (hotel discounts, car rentals, etc.) not available with other types of plans.

Use Roadside Motorist Assistants (RMA)

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) considers helping stranded motorists a priority because of how dangerous it can be. The department’s non-law enforcement agents are provided with large utility trucks with the necessary equipment and tools to make minor repairs, change tires, call a tow truck, etc. In 2018, Roadside Motorist Assistants (RMA) assisted 75,235 stranded motorists throughout Arizona.

It’s always best to have your own coverage because you never know when, or how long it will take to get help. If your vehicle is old and unreliable, it’s definitely worth having your own coverage. Consider this – the price for having a vehicle towed once typically costs more than multiple years of the annual roadside assistance fee.

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