Having an oil change is one of the most important parts of automobile maintenance. But have you ever considered a five-minute oil change? Is it really worth your time and money? 

Fast and Convenient 

The first thing to take into consideration when it comes to 5-minute oil changes is their convenience. Instead of going to a traditional mechanic, you can get your car serviced at a 5-minute oil change station in just a few minutes (assuming there’s no wait time). Usually, it’s not five minutes, but it can often be less than ten. With some providers, you can even stay in your car while the service is done. 

Many quick service providers use motor oils that meet the manufacturers’ specifications, and they should use new filters to ensure good performance. What’s more, many quick service centers employ experienced technicians trained to properly handle lubricants and disposal responsibilities so that all work is done safely and securely.​ 

Is Faster Better? 

Have you ever tried to do something in less time than physically possible? What happened? Perhaps you tried to bake a cake in five minutes, but the batter was still runny. Maybe you tried to do a load of laundry in five minutes, but the clothes didn’t come out clean. There are some things in life that simply take longer than five minutes to complete, if you want it done correctly and well done.  

A five-minute oil change may seem like an efficient and convenient way to service your car, but the truth is that it can create a variety of potential problems for both your car’s engine and its overall lifespan.  

Quick five-minute oil changes may not include all of the checks that come along with a full-service auto shop, such as tire pressure or fluids levels which could result in potential problems down the road if not checked regularly. Additionally, some mechanics may not perform basic undercarriage inspections during oil changes which can lead to costly repairs if small issues are missed early on. Here are the reasons why you should avoid going to a five-minute oil change shop: 

No Quality Control over Oil Changes 

At a regular oil change facility, you know that each step of the process is being monitored for quality assurance. The technician at the five-minute oil change facility does not have the knowledge or time to quality check every job. This could mean that they skip steps or use inferior parts in order to save time, which could result in poor performance from your vehicle’s engine and could even cause further damage if done incorrectly. 

Low Quality of Oil Used 

Oil changes done at most five-minute shops may use low-end motor oil with fewer additives. Without those additives, motor oils break down faster, reducing the effectiveness of your oil filter, and causing contaminants to build up and restrict flow throughout your vehicle’s engine. Usually, these motor oils include few or no seal conditioners, which can reduce the life span of seals and gaskets by leaving them dry and brittle. 

Extra Unnecessary Services 

At full-service oil change facilities, there’s usually an evaluation sheet where mechanics must perform a litany of inspection points on each visit – this isn’t always the case with five-minute stations. Because these services are quick, technicians may offer extra services you don’t need or fail to mention something needs repair because they don’t offer it.  

Longer Term Cost Benefit Analysis Neglected 

The appeal of convenience fades away pretty quickly if you realize that with improperly done maintenance services comes higher repair costs as well as shortened lifespan for certain parts/components inside your car.  It’s best to use a mechanic who’s been in business for decades. 

Lack of Knowledgeable Staff 

The greatest benefit when going to a reliable mechanic shop is having trained experts who know what they’re doing when servicing your vehicle. Five-minute oil change shops are focused on efficiency rather than reliability and safety. With staff focused on time instead of quality, mistakes happen that lead to costly repairs. 

Overall, whether five-minute oil changes are worth it or not depends on your individual needs and preferences. Those who need quick solutions might consider this type of service, while those seeking a complete service should opt for a full-service center instead. Full-service shops can get your oil changed quickly and will often go above and beyond to ensure you’re aware of what exactly is going on with your car. They often don’t take too much longer to do the oil change, and pricing is usually similar. Schedule your appointment today.  

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