If you live in Arizona, you want to ensure your car’s safety at all times, but especially in the hot summer months. Your tires are a key component to safety and you want to maintain a tire pressure that’s safe and stable.  Here is a closer look at how the intense heat of the Arizona summers affects tire pressure during the summer months. 

Arizona Summer Heat Expands Your Tire Pressure 

The temperatures rise in Arizona during the summer months, but the asphalt and ground that you drive on also increase in temperature. On some days, you can fry an egg on the sidewalk – the ground is that hot! All of the heat not only affects your body, but it also affects your car. 

In general, higher temperatures mean that your tires will inflate more quickly due to air pressure expansion. It’s important to check your tire pressure regularly, but especially if you notice any signs of over- or under-inflation (such as low tread depth or loose drive nuts). You may need to let out extra air when the temperature rises above 80°F during the summer. 

Sunlight Affects Tires Too 

Direct sunlight can also affect the pressure of your tires – ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes rubber compounds in your tires to degrade quicker than usual, leading to leaks, bulging or even broken belts within the tire structure itself. To protect your tires from this extreme weathering, make sure they are stored in a shaded area when parked outside for prolonged periods. Additionally, if possible, try not to drive during midday – UV rays reach their peak between 10am and 2pm, so it’s best for your tires’ life expectancy if you avoid these hours entirely. 

Consider Alternative Tire Materials 

Some riders opt for synthetic polymer-rubber blends rather than traditional natural rubber tires because they often provide better heat penetration resistance which can reduce over inflation risk significantly.  However, expect a tradeoff between performance and price with this option. Alternatively, metal belted radial tires are known for their superb heat resistance but tend to be more expensive upfront than other options on the market today. Consider either one of these alternatives if maintaining healthy tire inflation without breaking the bank is an important goal for you this summer season. 

Monitor Tire Performance Regularly 

Finally, monitoring your tire performance regularly throughout the summer season helps ensure they remain safely inflated while driving around Arizona. Invest in a good quality tire gauge so you’re always prepared when checking inflation levels. Look out for warning signs such as bulging surfaces that might indicate deeper issues such as wear-and-tear inside the inner walls of the actual rubber tires themselves! With proper maintenance and proactive safety checks, any driver should be able to keep their vehicles running smoothly through oven-like summer days here in Arizona and beyond! 

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