Using the appropriate motor oil during an Audi oil change is the lifeblood of the vehicle. Audi engines are made up of many intricate moving parts that need to be properly lubricated to prevent damage. Just like other vehicle models, engine oil breaks down over time and becomes contaminated with dirt, dust, and debris from both the engine and the environment. Routine oil changes (using the right oil for Audi), will keep the engine running in peak condition, extend the life of the vehicle, and improve gas mileage.

Here’s what you need to know about getting the best Audi oil change in Phoenix.

Best Oil for Audis

The best oil for an Audi oil change will comply with the Audi Oil Quality Standard. No other motor oils should be used. This applies when topping off the oil in between servicing as well. The engine in Audi vehicles is sophisticated and calls for engine oil that complies with precise specifications. Using the appropriate oil, in conjunction with regular oil and filter changes at specified factory intervals, helps ensure the right lubrication for the vehicle’s engine. Here are the best oil standards for Audis (according to Audi).• VW 502.00 for most gasoline engines.• VW 508.00 for 3.0 Turbo (S4/S5/SQ5) and B-Cycle gasoline engines.
• VW 501.01 for 2014+ R8 GT and R8 V10.
• VW 507.00 for diesel engines.

What Kind of Oil Can Be Used?

Using motor oil approved by Audi is essential to ensure engine reliability, optimum fuel economy, and to meet the demands of today’s emission standards. There are a few engine oils available today that meet the quality standard required for Audi engines. Audi itself recommends Castrol® EDGE® Professional engine oil. Reliable lubrication protection can only be achieved when designated Audi motor oil quality specifications are used. It’s important to keep in mind that this also applies when topping off engine oil between services. 

Using the wrong motor oil in an Audi can damage internal engine components, increase emissions, reduce fuel mileage, and can void vehicle warranties. For these reasons and more, it’s imperative that you use motor oil that clearly states that it meets Audi motor oil quality standards.

How Often Should I have an Audi Oil Change?

Most mechanical breakdowns can be avoided with preventative maintenance, and one of the most important preventive maintenance services you can have performed is having your Audi’s oil changed.  Besides, following Audi’s manufacturer recommendation, consider varying conditions like the vehicle’s environment, your driving style, and your geographic location. All these conditions can impact how well the oil functions in the vehicle’s engine.

Where Can I Get an Audi Oil Change?

The best place to get an Audi Oil change is with Hi-Tech Car Care. We guarantee that your Audi oil change will be performed by a highly trained, experienced technician with extensive knowledge in Audi repair and maintenance. We’ve been serving the Phoenix metro area since 1948, including Audi auto service and repair. We’re also a AAA Top Shop and Master ASE Certified Audi auto repair shop. Need an oil change in your Audi or other maintenance? Contact us today!

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