Making sure your car is running at peak engine performance is a vital part of keeping you safe and efficient on the road. Fortunately, there is a routine maintenance process called engine performance tuning that can help you keep your engine humming. Engine performance tuning is essential to maintaining all of your car’s systems, from the battery to ignition to emissions.

What is Engine Performance Tuning?

Engine performance tuning is a comprehensive check of all of your engine systems. We start by using our maintenance systems to check your car’s onboard computer for any error messages or problems. We then replace spark plugs and distributor points, check ignition timing and more.

The next step is to check your vehicle’s emissions to make sure that you pass Arizona’s emission testing standards. If there are problems, we will analyze the results of our tests and let you know what repairs are needed. We are fully trained and qualified to handle any repair needs that we discover during engine performance tuning.

Finally, we check your car’s battery, starting system, and electrical system to make sure there are no shorts or other electrical problems. If there are, we’ll let you know right away and set up a repair plan that fits your needs.

When Do You need Engine Performance Tuning?

The best guide for when to service your car, including getting engine performance tuning, is your car’s manual. At Hi-Tech Auto Service, we are well versed in all makes and models, and can work with you to create a personalized vehicle maintenance plan for your specific car or truck.

Unfortunately, many Arizonans don’t take great care of their cars. You can be the exception! By getting a comprehensive engine performance tuning at least every 12 months or 12,000 miles, you can help ensure that your car is not only safe, but is running at peak engine performance.

Last year, the non-profit Car Care Council found that 84% of vehicles inspected at community events around the country needed at least one service or repair. This means that 84% of drivers are using up too much gas, have poor emissions, and are at risk of breaking down during driving – or worse, causing an accident.

You don’t want to be one of the 84%. Contact Hi-Tech Car Care to get a tune-up and check your engine performance. We’ll let you know if there are any concerns. You’ll drive away with the peace of mind knowing your engine is at peak performance. Call us at 602-224-0941 to make your appointment today!


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