There’s little that we take for granted as much as our vehicles. When they’re working well, we rarely think about them. But when something goes wrong, our whole daily system is disrupted.

Keeping your car in great running order is vital. One way to do that is making sure that your car’s alignment is checked and serviced regularly. When you do that, your car will run more smoothly, you’ll have far fewer breakdowns, and your daily system will stay intact.

Importance of Good Alignment

Having the proper tire alignment provides a variety of benefits beyond keeping your car in good repair. Here are some:

  • Save Fuel. Who wants to pay the ever-higher prices at the gas pump? I certainly don’t! When your car is in proper alignment, you’ll get even pressure on the tires and even friction with the road. All of this means you’ll get much better gas mileage.
  • Help the Environment. When you reduce your fuel consumption, you’ll not only reduce your own negative impact on the environment; you’ll also reduce the overall use of fossil fuels. It’s part of doing your small part to help the planet.
  • Staying Safe. Poor alignment does more than use fuel. A car that pulls to one side all the time can dramatically impact your safety, especially if the weather is wet or icy. You don’t want to have an accident that endangers your loved ones or others on the road.

Consequences of Poor Alignment

Not having your car in proper alignment has significant consequences. Not only do you not get the benefits listed above, but you can also have the following problems:

  • Expensive Tire Wear. Tires are not cheap, and improper alignment causes them to wear very quickly. When you don’t keep your car in alignment, you’ll be paying for tires far more often than you need to.
  • Strain on the Car. Remember the discussion at the beginning of this article about how much it disrupts your life when your car breaks down? A car that is out of alignment causes a strain on a variety of other systems, including your breaks, suspension, and steering.
  • Longer Stopping Time and Distance. When your car is not in alignment, it won’t move in a straight line, which means that stopping time will not be as quick. Also, uneven tire wear can reduce your traction and cause the car to skid during a sudden stop, which can cause an accident.

How to Know When You Need Alignment Service

The rule of thumb with alignment services in cars is to have the car checked every 6 months or 6000 miles. However, there are times when you’ll notice problems with the way the car handles that mean you need alignment service. Here’s what to look for:

  • The Car Veers. If your steering wheel is straight but your car is veering right or left, that’s a sure sign that your car’s alignment needs service.
  • You Get Tires Replaced. An alignment and rebalancing are recommended anytime you get new tires.
  • After a Car Accident. If there’s been an accident, it’s likely that your car’s alignment needs service. This is also true if you run over something large on the road.
  • The Tires are Wearing Unevenly. If you see uneven tire wear, have your car’s alignment checked out.
  • The Steering Wheel Vibrates or the Ride is Uncomfortable. If you notice that the steering wheel is vibrating or unstable, or that your car’s ride is far less comfortable than it once was, then take it to get the alignment checked.

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