As youngsters head out to trick-or-treat, the risk of being injured by drivers increases significantly as do fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Given that Halloween safety is often overlooked during all the excitement, motorists need to be even more aware of what’s going on around them.

10 Halloween Safety tips

Here are 10 Halloween safety tips to consider as you drive to your destination or if you’re driving the kiddos around.

1. Don’t pass vehicles that stop

It’s important not to pass stopped vehicles, especially on Halloween because there’s a good chance a child might be on the road or parents might be dropping off their trick-or-treaters. You should also enter alleys and exit driveways carefully watching for children walking on curbs, medians, and roadways.

2. Don’t text and drive

Avoid being distracted by your mobile phone, waiting until you’ve stopped to text or make a call. Using your phone, including texting while driving is never safe, but it’s especially dangerous on Halloween.

3. Watch for kids running into the street

When it comes to Halloween safety, always be prepared to stop. Watching for children running into the street, is one of the most important tips. The majority of young pedestrian deaths occur in areas other than intersections.

4. Keep your lights on

Use your headlights earlier in the day than you normally would to help spot children farther away. The most common and dangerous time for accidents is the twilight hours, between 6 and 7 pm.

5. Use your turn signals

This may seem obvious, but using your turn signals is important to mention because it’s a fairly common problem. Using your turn signals will help ensure that you’re visible and alert trick-or-treaters and parents of your intentions.

6. Turn your hazards on while dropping off or picking up kids

Help other motorists and others notice you if you need to pull over to drop off or pick up your kids by turning on your hazard lights. Using your hazard lights is the best way to get noticed by distracted kids and their parents.

7. Keep your hands on the wheel, not on your phone

Phones can be a huge distraction so keep your hands on the wheel, not on your phone. Other distractions included eating or having the radio on too loud.

8. Be extra diligent in watching for others

On Halloween, even more so than other holidays, it’s particularly important to be diligent when it comes to watching for young pedestrians. Children may not stop, either because they’re distracted and don’t notice your vehicle approaching or haven’t been taught how to cross the street safely.

9. Drive slow and do not speed

While speed limits vary, it’s important to drive even slower than the posted speed limit on Halloween. Children’s behavior is unpredictable on Halloween and they may suddenly cross your path at any time. Driving slowly on Halloween can be life-changing.

10. Make sure your brakes, lights, and signals work

In preparation for Halloween, check all your vehicle’s lights and the brakes to make sure they’re working. We can check your vehicle out if you’d like us to. Call us today or schedule an appointment.

Following these Halloween safety tips will help protect excited trick-or-treaters and anyone who’s in charge of their care. Accident prevention is the key to a Happy Halloween.

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