One of the most crucial ingredients an engine needs to run appropriately is fuel which is why Fuel system service is so important. Anything that affects the flow of gasoline to the engine is going to lead to poorer performance or worse, cause the engine to stop running altogether.

Having a fuel system service performed periodically will help ensure that your vehicle performs efficiently, extends the life of the engine, improves engine performance, and increases fuel economy. If the fuel system isn’t serviced, the fuel injector can become clogged, which ends up causing several problems that include low power or poor acceleration, eventually leading to serious problems with the engine. Having the fuel system serviced will also improve fuel economy, reducing your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

What is a Fuel Injector?

A fuel injector is crucial for making your engine and automobile run efficiently. Small, electronically operated valves are part of a complex fuel system that, when it’s performing correctly, provides accurate fuel tracking to ensure that when you step on the gas, the fuel injector generates the perfect amount of fuel to the engine. In other words, fuel injectors pressurize the fuel, pumping it through either an electronically controlled or fixed aperture, dispensing the fuel as a light, cone-shaped spray to the engine. The light spray of fuel is easier to ignite than a solid stream would be and burns more efficiently. The more fuel that the engine requests, the longer the fuel injector’s valves will stay open.

Problems with Fuel Systems

Eventually, deposits from the burning fuel start to build up in the aperture, diminishing the injector’s performance, which ends up turning the fine spray into a sporadic dribble. Symptoms of fuel system problems include poor idle, rough engine performance, the engine doesn’t reach full RPM, increased fuel consumption, failed emissions and bucking, and surging under various throttle loads. Because of the complexity of the fuel injector process, it’s important to have a periodic fuel system service to ensure they run efficiently.

Another sign that you may need fuel system service is if you notice a strong gasoline smell which could mean that fuel is leaking from a faulty fuel injector. Diminished gas mileage is another sign of a fuel injector problem, typically meaning that it’s only delivering drops of fuel instead of mist.

How Often Should the Fuel System Be Cleaned?

How often the fuel system needs to be cleaned depends on your vehicle’s system design. Most industry experts recommend cleaning the fuel system annually to avoid performance issues. You can also refer to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations listed in the owner’s manual. The fuel filter should be replaced every 30,000 miles or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. If contaminants get into the fuel, you may need to have the fuel system flushed.

Avoiding Issues with Fuel System Service

The best way to avoid fuel system issues is to buy your gas from a station you trust. Fuel system service is less expensive than replacing or repairing your existing fuel system. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to have your fuel system service done by certified mechanics.