If you’re like most people, you do your best to stick to a budget, but the last thing you should do is put off regular, high-quality Jeep maintenance. Maintaining your Jeep will keep it on the road longer and help you avoid expensive repairs down the road, saving your hard-earned cash.

How Jeep Maintenance Can Save You Money

Regular Jeep maintenance is probably the single most important thing you can do to keep your ride running smoothly and save money on repairs down the road. According to a study by the Car Care Council, completed in 2004, the costs for accidents caused by unperformed vehicle maintenance was over 2 billion dollars a year, which is staggering. In addition, if you don’t maintain your Jeep, you’re taking a vehicle that could have been driven 200,000 miles or more and knocked it down to 150,000 miles, according to a senior consumer advisor and editor with Edmunds.com.

The Real Cost of Putting off Jeep Maintenance

Not keeping up with recommended maintenance can lead to failed emission tests, hefty repair bills for transmission, bad brakes, and engine failure. The best thing you should do to avoid these problems is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your Jeep. In other words, you should refer to your owner’s manual.

Required Jeep Maintenance

Most people are aware of the importance of routine maintenance at specified mileage intervals which are laid out in the owner’s manual. You should review your car’s manual to find the actual required maintenance at the appropriate mileage periods. Newer vehicles have built in handy reminder displays that indicate that a service is required (like an oil change) at a specified mileage point. Some have a maintenance minder indicator which illuminates when maintenance is required.

The timing of your Jeep maintenance will primarily depend on the service that it needs at a particular point. Services like oil changes, air filter changes and tire rotations will take place more often than brake jobs and tune-ups. If you stick to your Jeep maintenance schedule, it will likely run dependably for years to come.

Mileage is a Key Factor in Jeep Maintenance

The more miles you drive, the more frequently you’ll need maintenance which makes sense. If you don’t stick to the appropriate maintenance schedule, it will cause your Jeep to malfunction. Even skipping an oil change (the life blood of your car) can damage your vehicle.

Find a Certified Mechanic

You should never use an auto repair shop that isn’t ASE certified. Anybody can call themselves a mechanic, even if they don’t know what they’re doing. ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification means that the technicians are highly trained in automotive repair. The best way to guarantee that your Jeep maintenance is carried out competently is to choose a Master ASE Certified Jeep repair shop.

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