Maintaining your vehicle is extremely important. It helps keeping the vehicle running smoothly.  Maintaining your vehicle can also keep the valve of your in your car.  However, if you do not maintain your car then repairs can get expensive.  Here are some tips on helping you maintain your vehicle.

1) Check tires.

It”s important to  make sure they are properly inflated to the owner’s manual or tire information placard specified pressure. Having lower air pressure can cause the vehicle to decreased its  fuel economy. Lastly, you’ll want to check your tread.  The tread allows the ability of the tire to grip the road.  Once you notice the tire going bald, that is a sign the tire should be replaced.

2) Washing.

Most people do not realize how important to wash your vehicle. Washing your car can help the exterior of your car. One way is to ensure that your paint finish is no getting damaged by debris outside.

One step further is waxing and detailing.   Can be a little more expensive, but it can ensure  that the car is looking great and protects the paint.

3) Windows, Light, and Mirrors.

Make sure that all windows, mirrors, and light are clean and not broken. You will want to replace any broken light or mirrors as soon as possible.  

4) The three B’s. Brakes, Belts, and Battery.  

If you feel ANY problems with the brakes, you take your car to have brakes service immediately.  Check your belts regularly for wear and tear.  Check your battery for corrosion. Clean as needed.

5) Fluids.

The most common fluids are the motor oil, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and power-steering  fluid.

Motor oil lubricates the moving parts in a car engine’s  preventing the high heat and friction that results during engine operation from destroying components in the motor.  

Brake Fluid: Brake fluid could be one the most important car fluid in terms of safety. The brake fluids help move the moving components in the vehicle braking system, which works in under high temperatures and pressures.

Coolant: Coolant helps the water from freezing and boiling during extreme temperatures exposed. A 50/50 mixture helped increase the boiling point and decreased the freezing point. Heat through the internal combustion could destroy the engine quickly, water alone is not passable enough to keep the system cool.

Transmission Fluid:  Just like the motor oil, the transmission fluid lubricates the moving parts in the transmission, ensuring that the system gears work together with any problem.  It also helps keeping the transmission cool.  

Power Steering Fluid: Power steering fluid is the power in power steering.  In other words, the power steering a  hydraulic fluid that is pressurized to make turning the wheels turn easier.  It also lubricant to protect moving parts in the system.  

These five basic tips can help you keep your vehicle running smoothing and keeping you safe. If anything is seems to be off with any of these areas, call your local auto repair shop to schedule an appointment to have it looked at. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona call Hi-Tech Car Care to schedule a free consultation (602) 224-0941 at 2924 East Thomas Road Phoenix, Arizona 85016.