Windshield wiper blades are important for visibility and safety especially during rainy seasons. The rubber tip acts like a squeegee and helps remove rain and debris out of the view of the window. Windshield wipers are usually a legal requirement for most all motor vehicles, trains, watercraft and some aircraft. There are several different kinds of styles to choose from.

Rubber Refill

The rubber refill is not very popular. They can be a little harder and confusing to put on. They can be available for original equipment and competitive blades.

Traditional Frame Style

Traditional frame style is the most common type. They are widely available and are affordable. The traditional style incorporates metal framework for dependable wiping and comes in various sizes.

Beam Style Wipers

Beam style wipers are sleeker in appearance and appeals to more people. They are also quieter and have less chatter than the traditional frame style. The beam style wipers are a one piece design with minimal parts. The blades on this style apply even pressure along the entire length of the blades. Helps ensure a clean streak-free wipe. The beam style is engineered for curved windshields. They also have a lower profile so they are hidden from eye view when not using.

Silicon Wiper Blades

As rubber blades likely screech as they slide across the windshield, silicone blades are much quieter. There’s a silicon wipe that you’ll treat your windshield with and the blades are saturated with silicon. The Silicone compounds help promote water beading, which makes the blade slide more easily. These silicon wiper blades are also sleeker looking and have a silent operation. The silicone rubber is twice as durable as traditional rubber, which allows them to perform better over a longer period of time. Most silicon blades are not affected by extreme weather conditions, sunlight, oil and grime from road spray.

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