Looking for fuel injector repair in Phoenix, Arizona? Before you settle on the closest repair shop near you, you might want to know exactly what you’re getting into.

What are Fuel Injectors?

Fuel injectors are electronically operated mechanical devices responsible for “injecting” the correct amount of gasoline into the engine to ensure that a suitable combination of air/fuel is generated for optimum combustion. In addition, fuel injectors need to be able to disperse the fuel at the right pressure, angle and spray pattern. In order to keep your vehicle’s engine running right, it’s essential to keep your fuel injector system in perfect working order.

A Brief History

Fuel injected engines were manufactured as far back as 1902, and the majority of diesel engines had fuel injection systems by the 1920s. The first direct fuel injection system that ran on gasoline was developed by Bosch and introduced by Goliath in 1952 for their GP700 vehicles. Fuel injected engines that ran on gasoline became more prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s, satisfying strict emission control requirements and fulfilling the market demand for more technically advanced vehicles. Today fuel injectors are used in all modern engines, and they are an essential element in fuel management systems.

When Do you Need Fuel Injector Repair?

If the fuel injector isn’t performing properly, other parts of the engine will suffer over time and end up damaged. Following are a few signs that you need a fuel injector repair.

Engine Management Light Comes On

A faulty fuel injector will trigger an engine misfire, causing the engine management light to come on. P0300 is a common misfire code, however, in some cases, different management lights can come on, depending on which injector is most affected.

Difficulty Starting

Having trouble starting a vehicle (or it doesn’t start at all) is often the result of a leaky injector, making the fuel pressure drop in the fuel rail. If you smell something like unburnt gasoline coming from the engine bay, that’s likely a sign of a leaky fuel injector.

Knocking/Vibrating Sounds

There are a lot of things (bad bearings, worn tires, and suspension, etc.) that can go wrong with a vehicle that causes knocking sounds or vibrations. A partially blocked fuel injector is one of them. If the fuel injector is blocked, the correct amount of fuel won’t be able to enter the engine cylinder causing a knocking sound and excessive vibration.

Poor Engine Performance

A poorly performing fuel injector can influence how the engine runs. Even dirty injectors can affect things like torque, acceleration and engine power.

Inadequate Resistance

The fuel injector has a solenoid at the top that produces a magnetic field that, when the injector is energized, pulls up the injector pintle. In order for the magnetic field to be powerful enough to handle the spring and fuel pressure, the injector needs to perform correctly; otherwise, it won’t be able to open all the way. Resistance problems with the injector solenoid can cause other issues as well.

Poor Fuel Economy

A dysfunctional fuel injector will decrease the engine’s overall fuel economy. If the injector isn’t performing the way it should, the engine control unit will try to compensate by over-fueling, using more fuel than necessary.

Like any engine part, regular maintenance and a timely fuel injector repair are the keys to keeping them going. With a little TLC and fuel injector repair when necessary, it can end up lasting the life of the engine.

Your fuel injector may need repair, a simple service or perhaps there might be something else in the fuel system that needs to be looked at. Whatever the case, Hi-Tech is here to help. Contact us today.

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