Auto Repair Shops Near MeWhen it comes to searching the term “finding auto repair shops near me,” it takes a lot more than just randomly picking the closest place. You want to choose a shop you can trust, especially when you have a major repair. Thanks to our mobile phones and the internet, finding a mechanic nearby is just a few clicks, swipes or a quick call away. Read on for tips on finding good auto repair shops near you.

Check Google Maps

The first thing to do is take advantage of Google’s vast database. Search for “auto repair shops near me” along with the city. It’s important not to put off looking for a good repair shop until you have a severe repair problem and feel rushed; plan ahead.

Call at Least 2 to 3 Shops

Don’t just decide on the first auto repair shop you come across, even if you feel pretty good about them. Call at least 2 or 3 before you make your final decision. Read their reviews, give them a call, or stop by the shop before making your final decision.

Check Out Their Warranty

Find out what warranty the shop provides on their repair and maintenance work. Warranties can vary significantly from shop to shop, so ask them about their warranty ahead of time.

Make Sure They’re ASE Certified

Choose an auto shop and mechanic in Phoenix that is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The ASE distinguishes some of the very best automotive repair shops nationwide with its “Blue Seal of Excellence Program.” To qualify for the program, 75% of the employees are required to be ASE certified.

Ask Your Friends

The best referral you can ever get will come from friends and family. Ask them, “Where are the best auto repair shops near me?” The best part of a word-of-mouth recommendation from someone you trust is that you’ll get honest insight regarding their experience.

Sometimes the best auto repair shops aren’t the ones that are near you. If you find a great shop and it’s in the next town over, they’re worth considering.

Here at Hi-Tech Car Care, our family-owned repair shop is like no other. We back our service with an amazing warranty that you won’t even need. Call or stop by today.

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